Update Changelog 2018-May-30

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

May ends with another weekly update. You can play a new mission on Bordeaux station, several improvements and fixes have been integrated. Among others, missing a shuttle won’t make you leave your hotel room anymore and a display bug in the inventory has been fixed for screen readers. The monthly status report will be published on Friday, sharing the plans for June! Read on to see all details of today’s content update.

New Missions

  • “By Any Means” (level 10) on Bordeaux station, part of Alpha Centauri system.

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “Absolute Power” (stuck) – Another ending added that resolves a dead path.
  • “Fair Game” (loop) – A potential loop has been removed at the end, because a fragment of an upcoming mission feature was already included.
  • “From the Ashes” (loop) – Fixed a possible looping situation.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Home page (scrolling) – Added scroll links for home page.
  • Discreet Work (drops) – Fixed bug where random missions were giving VIP packs as rewards (sorry). You can still find VIP packs in the Ruins and get a pack every 7 days from NPC vendors.
  • Inventory (accessibility) – Fixed an inventory bug for equipped items where item was not available to screen readers and had wrong label for armor slot.
  • Missed Shuttle (room change) – Added a ‘close message’ button to the missed shuttle message, so it doesn’t remove you from the page which lead to leaving the Hotel Room, e.g.
  • People Tab (performance) – People tab is now an API call, meaning most area pages should load a touch faster.
  • Toxin level (recovery) – Fixed a bug where toxin levels would not be reduced for active players.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Area “Shipping Bay” on Taugoo Station – Team “received” the report about the “recieved” glitch; it has been sorted. ^^
  • Mission “The Beast of Bordeaux” – We processed all details you compiled on the forums. Thanks!
  • Mission “Fair Game” – A code fragment replaced with your citizen name as intended, a mission character added, and a word has been removed.
  • Mission “Ships in the Night” – 3 typos fixed.
  • Mission “The Beast of Bordeaux” – One Typo and one grammar glitch resolved.
  • Mission “X Marks Our Shot” – A quite similar, but still wrong word has been replaced.
  • Side Job “Customer Assistance” on Moissan – We were confused, but now the wrong word “diffuse ” was replaced by “defuse” ^^.