Update Changelog 2018-May-23

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Last week a major content update was implemented. This week, several detail improvements and fixes made it to the game. Several countdowns have been updated, but also combat and the team read your reports and vaporized a couple of text glitches.

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “Absolute Power” (stuck) – Returning to Catherine with your information will now lead to a new goal; you won’t stuck in this path anymore.
  • “Fashion Victim” (time) – As we use GCT in the game, years were changed to cycles.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Combat (penalties) – Long range weapons and short range weapons have correct penalties applied if used in attacks of the wrong range.
  • Combat (short range) – Hand-to-hand items will always be used in short range combat as intended.
  • Countdown (display) – Added consistency to the GCT countdown timer formatting.
  • Hotel (duration) – Added days to the Hotel’s countdown timer.
  • Inn (drink benefits) – Fixed a bug where drinking at the Inn would not give any stat benefits.
  • Ruins (countdown) – Added better countdown timers for ruins campaigns.
  • Ships (purchase) – Purchasing a ship now relies on your wallet and falls back to your bank account. You no longer need to withdraw all the money up front.
  • Stats (display) – Resolved various display issues with stats levels and refill timers, also including a bug where an expired timer would often stay at 1 forever.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Area Bar on Spirit of Botswana – As we use GCT, hours were changed into segments in the Bar description.
  • Area Market on Bordeaux – Another GCT change: Market text now refers to cycles.
  • Mission “Fair Game” – Space added (the galaxy finally has the right size lol).
  • Mission “Ships in the Night” – We took care about your summary on the forums (thanks!).
  • Side Job “Ship Scanner” on Alpha Centauri Jump Gate – Typo fixed.
  • Side Job “Water Bottle Filling” – GCT change: hours changed to segments.
  • Spelling improvements in various missions – “The Hollow Ship” on Alpha Centauri Jump Gate, “Beast of Bordeaux” and “Fair Game” on Bordeaux Station, “Moemedi More Problems” on København, “The Damsel in the Dark” on Moissan Station, “Possession” on Nouveau Limoges, “Smoke and Mirrors” on Taungoo Station.