Update Changelog 2018-May-16

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s game update comes with the usual information on new aspects, improvements and fixes but we also promised you that you could have private ships soon. Now that time has come: new Captains, time to board your ships!

A bit later today, we will publish a special blog episode that explains the major new feature of private ships, its current state, and what will be added soon. But the most important aspect for now: visit the Shipyards on Daedalus, København, or Yards of Gadani if you want to acquire your first ship.

New Feature: Private Ships

Private Shuttles & Razorbacks are now available for you at the Shipyards. Feature details will be introduced in more detail in today’s blog post (will be published ~6pm CEST = 18:00, Paris time).

3D Artwork of the Shipyard

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “All that Glitters” (repetition) – A dialogue duplication about “letting her go” has been sorted.
  • “Beam Me Up” (path) – Fixed an ending so you can talk to Thea, as intended.
  • “On the Outside” (stuck) – Justina now tells you where you have to go next.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Area Shipyard on Københaven – Removed an “u” to correct the word “pore”.
  • Areas Clonevat, Government Center and Shipping Bay on Bordeaux – Streamlined faction name into “Gaule”.
  • Mission “A System Shock” – Corrected a mission goal: now the correct location of NPC Bao is mentioned.
  • Mission “Cloned but not Forgotten” – A text confusion sorted when talking to Nil.
  • Mission “Dark Star, Bright” – The wording of a dialogue option has been improved.
  • Mission “The Last Night in Paris” – A tiny, but shiny grammar fix.
  • Mission “From the Ashes” – A mission character added (eagle eye report, thanks!).
  • Mission “Ships in the Night” – Cap’t a “T” after full stop.
  • Mission “Smoke and Mirrors” – Changed the word “baggy” to “baggie” as intended.
  • NPC Assassin on Bordeaux is now Alissa and has a longer description.
  • NPCs Mélanie and Agent Lautrec are now the correct genotype.
  • NPC Petőfi name glitch corrected at Daedalus Bank.
  • Side Job “Brig Custodian” on Bordeaux – Changed a fail message away from action to narration.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Bug reports (accessibility) – Reporting bugs is now a11y-friendly (helpful for screen readers; thanks for your report!).
  • Career Tasks (start) – Every career task will now indicate how “difficult” it is to new citizens (level 1 & 2) to help understanding why you succeed or fail.
  • Confinements (citizens) – Brigs and Sickbays now show confined citizens by default rather than requiring an extra click.
  • CORETECH Archive (ships) – The ship pages have an improved layout and offer more data about the ships, such as mass and acceleration.
  • GCT (time) – GCT now uses server supplied time.
  • Level-Up (popups) – Leveling up more reliably shows the popup with the reward summary.
  • Level-Up (stats) – Stats now also refresh when you level up at mission end.
  • Market (names) – Vendor NPC shops now say “NPC’s Shop” (whatever their name is) to make it clear that the NPC is not necessarily there.
  • Notifications (Chrome mobile) – No longer displays an option to enable unsupported notifications on Chrome mobile browser.
  • Notifications (off) – Fixed a bug where desktop notifications could switch themselves off.