Update Changelog 2018-May-09

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Welcome to another content update for Tau Station, introducing a new mission and various improvements and fixes, such as a few stats display corrections. The implementation of private ships is very close and the narrative team has been working on more exciting missions for you. Read on to see all details about today’s game update.

New Features & Functions

  • New Mission “The Beast of Bordeaux” (level 10) on Bordeaux Station (Alpha Centauri).
  • New Mission “Ships in the Night” (level 10) on Yards of Gadani Station (Alpha Centauri).

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “After the Harvest” (loop) – You can ask only once about the clones now.
  • “Moemedi More Problems” (reward) – One mission path won’t lead to an abrupt end anymore and thus, the final reward is granted as intended (affected player compensated).
  • “Ruins to Riches” (university) – The step in our tutorial mission about starting a first University course has been changed. New citizens can enroll to “First Aid”, “Combat”, and “Introduction to Engineering” on Tau Station for 20 credits now; the goals and descriptions have been modified accordingly.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Mission “A System Shock” – Word “same” changed to “came” as the verb was intended.
  • Mission “Downed Quixote” – In clone gestation we talk about the sound, therefore ‘base’ has been corrected into ‘bass’.
  • Mission “Everybody Loves a Clown” – A typo fixed, a dev comment removed.
  • Mission “Freedom for the Press” – A word in mission dialogue improved.
  • Mission “One’s Own Hands” – A word changed into “please” as intended.
  • Mission “Poetic Justice” – Added missing “to” to a mission goal.
  • Mission “Possession” – 3rd person “s” added to a word (you spot everything ^^).
  • Mission “Smoke and Mirrors” – A missing “a” added.
  • Mission “The Last Night in Paris” – A text duplicate removed, 2 typos fixed.
  • Mission “To the Last Drop” – Small typo resolved (eagle eyes again, thanks!).

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • NPC (genotype) – Smuggling kingpin Foster Tafts has been changed from a Patrician to a Belter.
  • Stats (digits) – Fixed an issue where focus would sometimes display as 28.000000000000004% or some other crazy number.
  • Stats (bar) – The visual display of the focus bar now takes VIP status into account properly like the system already did. Sometimes, the bar showed the according non-VIP status when tabbing until a page reload corrected the glitch.
  • Tab UI (alignment) – Tabs won’t show a fractured line anymore in some browsers which was caused by an alignment glitch.
  • University (acceleration) – Improved the description about shortening the course duration for bonds. You now see how much time will be taken off.
  • Chat – you no longer receive notification when minimizing the chat window as it makes you leave the chat room