Update Changelog 2018-May-02

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

May starts with a big content update. Following the request of many citizens, all stats now have a timer that indicates the duration until the according value is at 100% again. The team was able to handle a lot of detailed reports regarding missions and texts as well. Thanks a lot everyone! Additionally, “My items for sale” at the Public Market now shows the quantity of a stackable item listed; another request from our community. Read on to see all details about this week’s update.

New Features & Functions

  • Stats – Refill timers now indicate the duration until each stat is back at 100%.

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “Beam me Up” – You’re not asked anymore to hand over something that exploded.
  • “Downed Quixote” (goal) – Added a goal to help you getting directed back to Corneel.
  • “Everybody Loves a Clown” (loop) – Possible combat loop situation fixed.
  • “Fashion Victim” (new choice) – Added another choice to a challenge section to give more player options.
  • “Freedom for the Press” (stuck) – The path option of attacking an officer has been corrected to avoid a dead-end.
  • “From the Ashes” (loop) – Fixed a loop and reworded a choice to make it flow better.
  • “Moemedi More Problems” (speech bubbles) – All dialogues are now shown in speech bubbles as intended.
  • “Ruins to Riches” (extended) – The new player tutorial has been updated to introduce more game mechanics by providing more detailed tips and visiting additional areas such as the Gym, the Bar, and the Market.

Side Jobs Changes & Improvements

  • “CO2 Scrubber Maintenance” (items) – Changes to the mission so you can’t just keep finding the same cartridge, and so that you can turn in to Arne when done.
  • “Parts Courier” (goal) – Goal areas corrected from Shipyard to Port.
  • “Visitor Attendant” (area) – Adjusted destination area from Docks to Port.
  • “Water Bottle Filling” (goal) – You will get proper goals now after accepting this side job.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Bordeaux Station – Employment Center description added & area text for Docks edited.
  • København Station – Area description of Hotel Rooms edited.
  • Area Tutorial “Gov’t Center”  – Update to explain ration tier system better.
  • Side Job “Cloning Pod Mucker” – Mucked out a few typos.
  • Side Job “Test Subject” – Replaced “minutes” with “segments.” GCT rules Tau Station!
  • Side Job “Ship Salvage” – Added a missing “to.”
  • Mission “Cloned but not Forgotten” – A capitalization fix, plus 3 typos not forgotten ^^.
  • Mission “CORETECHS Calibrations” – The hair color of Fellie Norbush (NPC) will now stay the same – no magic change anymore 😉
  • Mission “Damsel in the Dark” – A sentence from the Hooded Stranger has been improved to make sense.
  • Mission “Downed Quixote” – Wow, you spot everything! A missing ‘ added.
  • Mission “Fair Game” – Dev notes removed, minor rewording done.
  • Mission “Fashion Victim” – Phrase repetition removed, typos fixed, a text line improved.
  • Mission “From the Ashes”- Burned some typos, commas added.
  • Mission “In the Name of Honor” – A missing “d” was added. Thanks for your eagle eyes!
  • Mission “Moemedi More Problems” – A few minor typos removed.
  • Mission “On the Outside” – Some typos put outside the mission, spaces added.
  • Mission “One’s Own Hands” – We put hands on a tiny grammar glitch.
  • Mission “Ready Player Everyone” – Another missing ‘ added.
  • Mission “Shrine of Remains” – A few typos won’t remain.
  • Mission “Smoke and Mirrors” – A sentence at Anima Foundation has been improved.
  • Mission “The Hollow Ship” – Your forum summary has been processed, thanks!
  • Mission “The Warning” – Typos fixed.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Bank – You now receive 5 credits per bond instead of 1 at the Bank.
  • Chat – Auto-complete function now also keeps names with upper case.
  • Chat – Hitting enter without any text written, won’t lead to empty messages anymore.
  • Countdowns – Your current activity countdown, e.g. for item repair time or local shuttle departure time, is now show everywhere on top, not just on your inventory page.
  • NPC – Dekker on Yards of Gadani: genotype changed to Belter as intended.
  • People Tab – As the amount of citizens has been increasing we added pagination.
  • Public Market – Your list “My items for sale” now also shows the quantity in brackets right after the name.
  • Salary – Fixed an issue where salaries would sometimes not get paid. Please note: All affected citizens have already been compensated.
  • Shop – An informational pop-up is now shown in case your browser blocks third party cookies. The cookie of our shop service partner is needed to process your purchase.
  • Sign-Up – More validations to assist in error correction and prevent mistakes.
  • University – “Consortium Reputation” and “Gaule Reputation” courses no longer require themselves as prerequisites (fixed).