Update Changelog 2018-Mar-21

Tau Station update changelog

This week’s content update for the Closed Alpha environment contains a new feature for the Ruins, a new mission, improvements for the forums, and further preparations for saying goodbye to the Closed Alpha status in order to open registration for everyone soon! Read on to learn more about the latest version of Tau Station.

Areas & Features

  • Ruins – First (small) part of the new PvE feature, “Look for trouble.” Battle NPCs in the Ruins for experience and items.
  • Shipyards – We found the keys: you can now enter Shipyards on stations that have them. Please note: It’s “only” the area so far, we are planning to have privately owned ships available here in April.

Missions & Mission System

  • New mission – “Namesake” (level 8) on Ghost of Mali.
  • “Fashion Victim” – A missing word was added.
  • Tutorial “Ruins to Riches” – Some text improvements for first time players.
  • Availability – Missions should no longer show as “Available” if preconditions aren’t met.
  • Preconditions – A bug where the word “Preconditions” would sometimes be displayed for missions has been fixed.


  • Counters – Forums are now easier to follow, with topics indicating the number of total posts and new posts since your last forum activity.
  • Pinning – Admins can now pin important topics to the top of the forums.
  • Preview – When you enter a forum, all topic subjects are listed one after another to provide a better overview about the main content. A preview of the top post is no longer shown in order to reduce scrolling efforts.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Account creation – The sign-up form now has asterisks for required fields, not optional ones (attention: you still need an invitation email to join the game; we will open game registration for everyone soon).
  • Landing page – Various changes to be ready for opening registrations (soon).