Update Changelog 2018-Mar-15

Tau Station update changelog

Update No 9 enriches the game with 3 new missions, several changes and fixes. The biggest part take the preparations getting ready to invite the “Final Alpha” players to join us soon. Read on to see all details about today’s Closed Alpha version update.

New Missions

  • Welcome Tutorial – “Ruins to Riches” (level 1) on Tau Station.
  • New mission – “Beyond the Seal” (level 7) on Moissan Station.
  • New mission – “The Chemist” (level 7) on Alpha Centauri Jump Gate.

Changes in Missions

  • Mission System – Some first improvements that add support for missions which cannot be retaken if failed or abandoned. For example, new adventurers will see a warning message if they want to cancel the tutorial mission, because it cannot be retaken.
  • “Possessed” on Nouveau Limoges (stuck): A missing NPC is now showing up again which avoids a stuck situation.
  • “To The Last Drop” on Spirit of Botswana (path): Fixed an issue where all the choices available weren’t showing up.
  • “To The Last Drop” on Spirit of Botswana (path): Simplified a dialogue tree so that choices won’t dead end.
  • “Cargo Unloading” -(Side Job on Tau Station ) – Improved a synopsis in order to make it clear that the Shipping Bay is accessed via the Port.
  • Temporary deactivation – “Damsel in the Dark” on Moissan Station and “Fair Game” on Bordeaux will be back live soon, but had to be deactivated to apply some fixes.


  • Yards of Gadani – Affiliation has been changed to Consortium.
  • Cirque Centauri – Missing area descriptions for Inn, Lounge, Hotel Rooms added.

Updates to support Final Alpha Wave

  • Forums – Sorting improved: latest posts are now shown on top.
  • Home Page – Landing page added, plus some changes for (soon) registrations.
  • Server – Login servers prepared for character creation (new accounts).
  • Tutorial – Updated in order to support new players joining the game (soon).

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Countdowns – Page refresh on countdown timers has been removed.
  • Shop – Updated “Thank You” page.
  • Storage – Fixed a display issue with storage border.

Your Tau Station team