Update Changelog 2018-Mar-07

Tau Station update changelog

Another week of further game development has ended and the Closed Alpha environment got updated once more. The team has been working on several larger tasks that are needed to open the game soon. Today’s changelog shows you all new features and changes that were ready to go live this week. Among others, the rewards of six missions have been increased and the standard update day has been changed to Wednesdays.

Updates Now on Wednesdays

An organizational detail: The standard day for game updates is now Wednesday. As usual, we will inform you via global message directly in the game about any upcoming downtime, and as you know, sometimes plans need to be adapted. We always try to do it on Wednesdays, but in case a change is needed, you can always rely on the in-game message.

Mission System

  • Engine – Event support improved to be able exposing many regular game actions better (in tutorial mission right now and later in regular missions)
  • Resuming – Leaving a page with mission actions and returning to it will now show the most recent actions, helping you better to understand where you left off

Changes in Missions

  • “Possessed” on Nouveau Limoges (path): An issue has be resolved that sent you to a wrong area after talking to NPC Darian (no Action Flag, Docks locked)

Missions: Rewards increased

Several mission rewards have been increased to better reflect the challenges and efforts connected with them (e.g. travelling costs). On top of increased values, additional rewards such as items, have been added here and there, depending on the path you choose.

  • “Clean Slate” – (level 9) on Cirque Centauri
  • “Damsel in the Dark” – (level 7) on Moissan
  • “Last Night in Paris” – (level 8) on Paris Speciale
  • “On the Outside” – (level 10) on Yards of Gadani
  • “Poetic Justice” – (level 9) on Cirque Centauri
  • “To the Last Drop” – (level 9) on Spirit of Botswana

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Balancing – Reduced bond prices in a few areas
  • Career – Fixed bug where VIP players couldn’t attempt career actions if they had less than 15% focus
  • Game Start – New players will now have a proper character creation interface, including choosing their starting genotype
  • Login – Prepared the login server for the Final Closed Alpha round
  • Vendors- Fixed a bug that sometimes discounted items sold for bonds while this was not intended (sorry, folks!)

Your Tau Station team