Update Changelog 2018-Jun-27

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

New consumable items have been added to the game, boosting more than one stat. The cool down time for sewer campaigns has been reduced, and some re-balancing has been done. The filter for VIP items is back at the Public Market as you can trade VIP packs again since last week’s update. 13 new item pictures enrich the game; we added the links and tier information to this changelog for you (and there are more to come soon!)

Improvements on “Enter the Sewers”

  • New “Multi-Stims” – New consumable stims are available that boost more than one stat. They are extra rewards for successfully completing a sewer campaign.
  • Balancing –  A campaign now gives less XP, but more credits and extra items (see above).
  • Less Waiting Time – The cool down time has been reduced to make it easier for you to complete one campaign a day. Thanks for the hint on the forums!
  • High Level Fix – An issue has been resolved where the campaign would fail for high-level players.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Public Market (filter) – You can now filter market items by VIP packs.
  • Re-spawn (messages) – Some informational messages that didn’t show up when your character re-spawned are displayed again as intended.
  • Mission “Poetic Justice” (dead end) – Fixed a mission path; in case you talked to Marissa Reed, the NPC for the next mission goal wasn’t flagged properly.

13 New Item Pictures (tier)

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Mission “From the Ashes” – Corrected “anymore” to “any more” in one sentence.
  • Mission “One’s Own Hands” – Changed 2 words in a sentence at the Market.
  • Mission “Smoke and Mirrors” – A single letter corrected, thx for your forum report.
  • NPC Tinsley – Modified one word as reported on our forums.