Update Changelog 2018-Jun-20

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s update introduces new features, and it also brings many improvements. You can now enter the sewers to start special campaigns in the Ruins, various new combat courses are available now at some Universities, and 14 new item pictures have been added. Nearly all VIP packs can be traded again, the price for re-exploring missions has been cut down to 9 bonds, no matter which level a mission has. The time to maintain private ships has been reduced for all of our Captains. Read on to see all details of today’s new version.

New: “Enter the Sewers” Campaigns

Special campaigns are now available in the Ruins of some stations. The minimum level required is 5. Once you entered the sewers, you have a limited time to defeat a couple of enemies step by step. The loot for every single victory is shown beforehand. The final enemy will grant an additional reward like an item. Doing a campaign does not block the other features in the Ruins, you can search for salvageable goods or look for trouble in parallel.

New University Courses available

A couple of courses are now available for you in Universities that offer learning these skills.

  1. Combat Basics: Club Specialist
  2. Advanced Combat courses:
  • Knife Mastery
  • Club Mastery
  • Handgun Mastery
  • Short barrel Mastery
  • Rifle Mastery
  • Shotgun Mastery
  • Sniper Mastery

14 New Item Pictures

Important changes

  • Missions (re-exploration) – The option now only costs 9 bonds per mission instead of 9 bonds per mission level.
  • Ships (durations) – Ship repairing and refueling now takes much less time.
  • Stats (accessibility) – Following a request suggested via Twitter: stat html structure reverted to lists.
  • Trading (VIP packs) – You can trade VIP packs again. For now, the only VIP pack which is “genetically bound” is the one given in the tutorial mission.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Events (MS Edge) – In the list of event messages, the “select all” button is now also working on earlier versions of MS Edge browser as intended.
  • Profiles – Names in blogs and forums now link to the author’s profile.
  • Market (VIP) – Worked around a vendor bug which prevented some of you from purchasing VIP packages.
  • Shop (button) – Button color updated, it’s goes better with the game’s look now.
  • Side Jobs (UI) – The progress site “Current Job” has been styled, similar to “Current Mission” layout, and the link shows your current status.
  • Storage (button) – Added a button for quickly accessing your inventory, similar to what you know from the Market and Public Market.
  • Storage (layout) – Options to expand storage moved to the bottom, beneath the list of your items.