Update Changelog 2018-Jun-13

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update comes with 4 new item pictures. The promised solution that protects your gear in case of death and respawn has been implemented. Credits you earn from performing career tasks now go into your (safe) bank account instead of your wallet. Read on to see all changes.

We are working on the genetically bound items feature: you will be able to trade all VIP packs again, with exception of the one you get at the end of the tutorial mission.


  • Respawn (items) – When respawning after death, all items are now held at the Government Center on the station where your character died.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Career (tasks) – Task payments now go to your bank account, not your wallet anymore.
  • Chat (various) – Added several chat optimizations for performance,  resolved a Firefox issue, and fixed an issue with the autocomplete feature on mentions.
  • Focus (VIP) – Already implemented via hot fix last week: the focus consumption in Ruins for scavenging or looking for trouble now consumes 10 Focus (instead of 15) for VIP citizens as it was intended.
  • Items (pic) – PVP Pipe, Bowie knife, F-S Fighting Knife, and Belt Knife item images have been changed/updated.
  • Shuttle (link) – A link to the Shuttle has been fixed which is shown in a message when you bought a ticket, but left the area where it will depart.

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • In the Name of Honor (reward) – Increased reward to better cover travel costs.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Mission “Downed Quixote” – Removed an apostrophe.
  • Mission “Ready Player Everyone” – A word has been corrected.
  • Mission “Ruins to Riches” – Tiny grammar change, moved the word “also”.