Update Changelog 2018-Jun-06

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s game update integrated the new possibility to re-explore most missions that you already completed. Genetically bound items will ensure that you won’t lose your gear in case of death. Some UI improvements have been implemented for mobile, and we also added some confirmation boxes for level 1 citizens to help new players.

Update 7th June: We applied a quick fix to Focus consumption in Ruins for VIP players.

New Feature: Genetically bound items

Some items are now bound to your character and cannot be taken or used by others. A new text line and an icon on the picture indicates it in the detail view of an item. This will resolve situations like accidentally selling of mission items which causes being stuck with no chance to finish the mission anymore. Furthermore it is needed to fight unfair pushing of multi accounts moving VIP packs to a main account which is a severe violation of the game rules. This implies that no one can trade or send VIP packs anymore; we’re sorry for those who gifted it in a fair way, but multi accounting forces us to apply a strict rule, especially to protect fair play. Finally, this feature is also needed for cases of death – you cannot ever lose the gear you’re wearing this way.

New Feature: Re-exploring Missions

You can now re-explore almost all missions. An additional button is available in your list of completed missions. Important note: the option is available for a mission if you’re on the station the main mission started on. Please read the instructions about re-exploration, this feature is especially for all of you who want to test different paths of a mission. The first time you play a mission will still determine the result the game keeps for your personal storyline.

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “Beam Me Up” (stuck) – Talking to Lt. Bastié works now if you don’t want to fight.
  • “By Any Means” (repetition) – Duplicate text lines about an analysis have been resolved.
  • “Dear Heart” (loop) – A dialogue path with Juliette has been fixed.
  • “On the Outside” (stuck) – A mission node has been fixed, after “the object” has been described, you get the next goal as intended.
  • “Poetic Justice” (stuck) – Removed a dead end when talking to Marissa Reed about punishment; now you get a next mission step as intended.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Confirmation dialogue (bonds) – A confirmation box has been added to actions when a new citizen with level 1 is about the spend bonds. This way new players will better understand the mechanics and not accidentally “lose” bonds.
  • Inventory Banners (UI) – The banners (buttons) for “sell your items”, “item repairs” and “send your items” you know from Public Market, Shipping Bay, etc have been merged code-wise and style for mobile has been updated.
  • Job “Meatweed Disposal” (NPC) – Made the location of the NPC Misty clear that you can finish the Job without searching on Ghost of Mali station.
  • Training Stats (Genotypes) – When training your stats, the feedback message will now show the Genotype bonus in percent.
  • 07/06 Update: Focus consumption in Ruins – Successful scavenging in Ruins will now consume 10 Focus instead of 15 for VIP players as it was intended.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Area “Docks” on Yards of Gadani – Removed “The” in the area name to avoid a duplication in messages, e.g. if nobody else is around (“There is nobody else in the The Docks”).
  • Mission “By Any Means” – We processed your forum report summary; thanks Shadow.
  • Mission “Lost Children” – Improved semantics to avoid irritations about Clones.