Update Changelog 2018-Jul-25

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

July 25th brings the first part of a big multiplayer feature: you can now unite in Syndicates! The basic membership management has been implemented, a dedicated group chat and a public membership indication via name tags are in place. Also, following a common Community request, your bank credits are now shown in the status summary. You no longer need to visit the bank for checking your credit balance. Read on to see more details about today’s content update.

New: Syndicates (part 1)

Soon, we will publish a special blog post to explain the first part of our new multiplayer feature in more detail. Today’s release is the beginning of something bigger! You can now start and join syndicates. Basics of the membership management, a dedicated chat channel, mass mails to all members, and more starting features are available now. Hence, the foundation for multiplayer is in place now.

  • Chat – Syndicate members now automatically have their own private group chat tab.
  • CORETECHS – The new entry Syndicates will bring you to your syndicate in case of membership. It also contains a list of all existing groups and those who are currently searching for reinforcements in case you want to become a syndicate member.
  • Gov’t Center – The area has been extended by a syndicate feature. You can now apply for a syndicate licence if you meet all recommendations, and you see a list of all syndicates in foundation process that you can support by giving your signature.
  • Tag – All members of a syndicate will be indicated in chat and profile with their syndicate’s unique tag, consisting of 3 characters.
  • University – New courses are available that are required to found a syndicate. Check out Leadership section to train the “Introduction to Leadership” first, which unlocks the first course of “Syndicate Foundation”.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Blog (undelete) – A new option empowers you to undelete your personal blog if you accidentally removed it.
  • Character (description) – Update your character’s description in your settings page.
  • Chat (channels) – More chat channels are starting to appear: general and help channel are available for everyone. A dedicated syndicate channel is available for every union and its members.
  • Credits (side bar) – Following a common Community request, your bank balance of credits is now also shown at the side bar, similar to your wallet.
  • Gov’t Center (news) – Deactivated the station/game news section until the feature is ready.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Mission “The Brinkmanship” (2) – Fixed a tiny grammar glitch and cap’d S in CORETECHS.
  • Mission “The Lost Children” (word) – Added a missing word.