Update Changelog 2018-Jul-18

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update brings several detail improvements and additions, the Community has been asking for. For example, the weapon type is now exposed in the detail view of a weapon. The team has been focusing on the Syndicate’s feature that are so close…it nearly hit this version. Read on to see all details about the new version update.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Chat (texts) – You are able to copy-n-paste texts from chat again (please test it).
  • Profiles (weapons) – You can no longer see the “secondary weapon” description when you view another character. Better hope it’s not a BFG!
  • Ship (refurbishment) – An issue has been resolved that caused an error 500 on the website when your ship was last refurbished.
  • Shipping Bay (sender) – Clicking on the shipper’s name now shows their profile, not yours.
  • Shop (email) – Shop purchases will now trigger an in-game confirmation email for you.
  • Weapons (types) – Weapon types are now exposed in the detail view of an item.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

    • Chitinous Cuirass (item name) – A typo in the name has been corrected. Check it here.
    • Shredhand of moritz (nick) – The citizens’ name is in lower case, so it be now on the item’s title and in the description text 🙂