Update Changelog 2018-Jul-11

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

The latest game update improves several aspects of combat, such as taking measures against bashing, a fight ends now with stats hitting zero without the need of an additional round, and more. From now on your local reputation has an impact on prices: the higher your reputation, the more you will benefit from it. A brand new mission is available on Yards of Gadani and 9 item artworks have been added. Captains who own private ships will benefits from lower damage, and some important fixes. Still, Syndicates are coming closer…


  • Bashing (punishment) – Attacking and defeating the same citizen more than once in a 24 hour time frame now lowers your local reputation (the more successful attacks, the more it’s lowered).
  • Defeat (stats) – A combatant is now defeated as soon as one of their stats hits zero as intended, rather than waiting another round for it.
  • Fleeing (attacker) – An attacker no longer auto-flees; the skill is for defenders.
  • Fleeing (confinement) – If the attacker flees to security (random selection), it will still lead to confinement, but it won’t happen to a fleeing defender.
  • Leaving Combat (no brig) – A case has been resolved in which leaving combat did not cancel the countdown for the guards arrival. This issue resulted in timeout and tossing the citizen in the brig.
  • Timeout (brig) – A bug has been fixed where the combat timer would end but you wouldn’t be tossed in the brig. So, watch out for the arriving guards now!

Private Ships

  • Balancing – Some re-balancing for repair and refurbish costs was done.
  • Damage – Ship damage and “critical damage” are now much lower.
  • Nav Computer – Its status is now more clearly displayed.
  • Refurbishing – You can bring components to 100% only by refurbishing in the Shipyard.
  • Repairs – Repairing a ship in the Shipyard now only brings it up to 75% (it’s more expensive, but doesn’t confine the character anymore since you’re paying the shipyard to do the repair).
  • Speed Ups – Options to reduce repair/refurbish time are now present in both  places where they’re needed: Docks and Shipyard.
  • Unflyable Ships – A UI bug has been fixed where broken nav computers would cause ships to be unflyable, without telling you why. This was also the reason why it would look like no repairs were done after you did repair it.

Important Changes

  • Reputation (display) – Reputation is now displayed with a description instead of showing percentages (e.g. admired, average, avoided, etc.).
  • Reputation (prices) – Your reputation now has an impact on prices that you benefit from getting and maintaining a high value. Prices for shuttle tickets and buying/selling to vendors now get adjusted for your local reputation. But there is no impact on fees and Public Market prices if you trade with other citizens.
  • Skills (prices) – Prices for buying/selling to vendors now also get adjusted for your social skills (bartering skills).

New Mission

  • “Brinkmanship” is available on Yards of Gadani in the Alpha Centauri System. Some missions need to be solved beforehand; the minimum level required is 10.

9 New Item Pictures (tier)

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

    • Ruins (area tutorial) – The help text has been updated to give some advice about the two features of “looking for trouble” and “enter the sewers” as well, because the instructions covered “searching for goods” only so far.
    • Items (various) – A couple of minor text glitches that you reported on the forums and via bug reports, have been resolved.
    • Regocrete Pin (name) – A typo in the name has been corrected; “recogrete” was a mix-up of 2 letters. Check the fixed item here.
    • Shredhand of Moritz (name) – A wrong letter in the item’s name has been shredded 🙂 – As a result, it has a new URL (just a tech aspect): Shredhand of Moritz.