Update Changelog 2018-Jul-04

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

The first parts of syndicates are coming closer; the team continued its work on the next major feature release. This week, several useful changes made it to the game. First of all, 5 special items have been added, carrying the names of the recent Community Spotlight winners. The efficiency of stim packs has been improved, new icon tool-tips are in place, in combat, your choice of weapon will now remain until you select another item, and more. Read on to see all details about this week’s game update.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Combat (weapons) – The choice of weapon now persists in combat until you change it.
  • Icons (hover tips) – Hovering over icons now reveals a tooltip explaining their meaning.
  • Items (bound) – Fixed a bug where the “genetically bound” flag was sometimes dropped.
  • Sewer campaign (reward) – Fleeing from an opponent in the sewers is seen as a defeat as intended and no longer allows the citizen to claim subsequent rewards.
  • Skills (stims) – The effects of the Stim Mastery Course are now working properly.
  • Stims (improvement) – The stat boost items now offer much greater boosts and less toxicity, making them useful in combat.
  • Mission “Absolute Power” (dead end) – Resolved a path the blocked mission completion.
  • Mission “By Any Means” (dead end) – When you return to Augustine in the Gym, the mission will end now as intended.
  • Mission “Beam Me Up” (typos) – 2 small textual changes; thanks for your forum report.
  • Side Job “Hull Wipe” (reward, place) – A proper reward has been added to the ending and the job moved from Port to Docks.

5 New “Community” Items

This week, 5 special items are part of the new additions, carrying the names of citizens to homage them for their Community Spotlight contributions in April, respectively May. The tier level is shown in brackets.