Update Changelog 2018-Jan-23

Tau Station update changelog

On Tuesday, January 23rd, Tau Station gets its second update. Thanks to all Closed Alpha testers for your input. Check out the improvements and several new comfort features that are being included this time. The Closed Alpha Test will continue, and there is more to come next week!



  • Bribery – Bribing a guard now removes 50% of your confinement time (up from 40%).
  • Career – Illegal career tasks now consider local Orwellian level for your chance to be sent to the Brig.
  • Friend list – Adding friends/enemies to your contact list is now possible while confined.
  • Lawyer – Hiring a lawyer now immediately frees you from the Brig.

Items & Inventory

  • Discreet Work– Removed “trade goods” as rewards from Discreet Work.
  • Inventory – Several API fixes to make the inventory work more smoothly.
  • Pricing – Reduced the price of consumable items (medical stims) to a more reasonable amount.
  • Rations – An event notification now informs you about your ration allotment.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Archive – Updated archives by removing outdated pages and replacing old pages that had out-of-date information.
  • Bank – You can now convert bonds to credits in the bank.
  • Help – Each area tutorial now defaults to open, but will stay closed if you close it.
  • Messaging – Unread email messages are now indicated in “bold.”
  • Texts – A couple of typos and misspellings have been corrected.

Your Tau Station team