Update Changelog 2018-Jan-16

Tau Station update changelog

On Tuesday,  January 16th, Tau Station gets its first update. Thanks to all Closed Alpha testers for your input. From now on, a changelog will always provide a short summary of the improvements, fixes, and new content/features implemented with each new version. Have a look at this very first changelog to see which changes and improvements have made it into the game already.

This is a short overview of the changes (new features, improvements or fixes) in the new version. In case a couple of tasks have been performed on one feature, you find those summarized in one topic to make it as comfy for you as possible.


  • Stats – Hi or low stats now impact career task success/failure
  • Tasks – Career tasks have been reworked to match stats needed for career
  • Career XP – Successful career task attempts now award less career XP (people were getting promoted faster than we expected)
  • Regular XP – Successful career task attempts now award more regular XP
  • Staying alive – Fixed a bug where a failed career action could cause you to die and respawn into a clone


  • Selling – Correct sale price for items is displayed
  • VIP –  Vendors now offer 3-day VIP packages for bonds

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Combat – Combat belt shows up correctly in combat
  • Discreet Work – Not asked to stealthily remove someone’s armor anymore
  • Help – A welcome page now helps new players by giving some tips
  • Genotypes – Missing genotype details for some NPCs are shown now
  • Inventory – Shows more information to help understand items better
  • Missions – Fixed a bug where some missions would not award experience
  • Rations – You can now use bonds to refill all stats by bribing government officials for extra rations
  • Ruins – You now might find bonds while scavenging in the ruins
  • Texts – Several typo corrections in areas and missions
  • Various – Many small fixes for issues you didn’t notice and now never will 😉

User Interface

  • Accessibility – More accessibility work to make the site easier to use for screen readers and those who don’t use a mouse
  • Chat – Slight restyling of chat to make it easier to read
  • Login – No more case-sensitive email addresses on login (oops!)
  • Training “slider” – Fixed an issue where the training “slider” was unresponsive
  • Firefox –  Fixes for Firefox bugs with inventory and storage
  • Styling – A couple of minor styling issues have been resolved


The team has been working on new features/missions and on further improvements. As you can see, a first batch of your reports has already been taken care of. Please keep up your awesome support by reporting any issue you spot, by asking questions, and by providing suggestions as well. Enjoy the extension of the Closed Alpha Test, and a warm welcome goes out to everyone who joins the test with the second shuttle today!

Your Tau Station team