Update Changelog 2018-Feb-28

Tau Station update changelog

It’s the last week of February, and it’s time again to update Tau Station’s Closed Alpha environment. As with last week, new missions have been added. A lot of your reports resulted in changes and improvements this week as well. The game feedback has been improved and you can now reply to the very creative blog posts which several adventurers have created on their profile pages.

New Missions

  • New mission – “Smoke and Mirrors” (level 5) on Taungoo
  • New mission – “One’s Own Hands” (level 6) on Sol Jump Gate
  • New mission – “She Sells Spaceshells” (level 6) on Sol Jump Gate

    Changes in Missions

  • “After the Harvest” (item) – The mission item “Brosia” now gets removed from your inventory once you give it to the NPC. No Brosia for you!
  • “After the Harvest” (name) – Corrected the name of the Bar as said by the bartender
  • “After the Harvest” (stats) –  Changed the social stat consumption to a appropriate level for convincing Bosch to talk about a very private topic
  • “Clean Slate” (text) – Station name corrected
  • “Clean Slate” (context) – Fixed a sense issue with Jonas (he will stay down)
  • “Everybody Loves a Clown” (game) – The shooting game now works as intended
  • “Everybody Loves a Clown” (path) – Fixed a pathing issue with Matisse and the circus
  • “Everybody Loves a Clown” (task) – Fixed the end combat and made it more clear you’re to talk to Leon
  • “Fashion Victim” (loop) – An unwanted repetition with the vendor is resolved
  • “Fashion Victim” (speech bubble) – A dialogue shown as narrative text is now displayed in a speech bubble
  • “From the Ashes” (loop) – Improved the text of an intended loop in the story to avoid impressions of being an error
  • “From the Ashes” (loop) – Fixed a loop; this time not wanted 😉
  • “From the Ashes” (text) – Some text cosmetics to improve a description
  • “In the Name of Honor” (text) – Added missing words and a few typos
  • “Last night in Paris” (combat) – Fixed combat section, again

Game Feedback

  • Action messages – Moved closer to actions so that it’s easier to see the
    results of what you’ve done
  • Feedback Messages – First iteration of a new style to make different messages distinguishable from one another
  • Leveling up – A pop up now showcases your rewards and new options
  • Missions – Can now respond to in-game events, better integrating them into the game


  • Blog – Now you are able to reply to blog posts of other players as intended
  • Forums – You can now modify your forum posts
  • Chat – Auto-scroll with scroll detection now handles scrolling better
  • Chat – Several fixes for mobile devices to have the same chat behavior

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Archives – Fixed two typos
  • Discreet Work – Header display corrected
  • Items –  Frames in vendors now reflect item rarity
  • Menu – Fixed an issue where some menus would not stay minimized
  • Shop – Added VIP benefits description
  • Travelling – Exposing travel countdown timer on non shuttle pages

Your Tau Station team