Update Changelog 2018-Feb-21

Tau Station update changelog

It’s time for our weekly tradition yet again: A new version of the Closed Alpha environment has been rolled out today. From now on, the changelog will be providing more details about the changes and improvements to missions. And, in addition to there being two brand new missions, rewards for tier level-ups have been sent to everyone who didn’t get them as intended, a new function makes it easier to report issues directly in the game, and more …

New Missions

  • New mission – “From the Ashes” (level 4) on Daedalus
  • New mission – “Possessed” (level 6) on Nouveau Limoges

Changes in Missions

  • Rewards – It is easier now to see rewards from missions as mission steps update amounts of credits, bonds and the encumbrance level of your inventory in the sidebar instantly (without page reload)
  • “Everybody Loves a Clown” (loop) – Resolved an unintended loop at NPC Matisse
  • “Hollow Ship” (text) – A few words corrected
  • “Last Night in Paris” (end) – Fixed a rare case of multiple endings
  • “Last Night in Paris” (combat) – Fixed combat section, resolved an illogical situation of going back into combat although being sent to Sick Bay before
  • “On the Outside” (text) – Several typos handled & NPC description fixed
  • “Poetic Justice” (goals)  – Synopses improved to make some goals clearer
  • “To the Last Drop” (text) – NPC description for “Nang Thein” harmonized
  • “X Marks our Shot” (text) – 3 minor typos sorted


  • Bonds – All bond sources and sinks have been multiplied by 10. This ensures a sustainable system we can balance way better, otherwise things like price reductions of 1 bond items wouldn’t be possible if needed in the future.
  • Level-Up I – Everyone between levels 6 through 10 received an extra 500 bonds credit due to an earlier bug where they weren’t awarded as intended.
  • Level-Up II – Everyone above level 11+ received an extra 1,000 bonds credit due to an earlier bug where they weren’t awarded as intended.
  • Vendors – You can now buy 3-day VIP packs from vendors once every 7 days (game balancing).

New & Single Changes by Features

  • Bug reports – Added a reporting feature directly into the game (button at the upper right) to make it easier and more comfy for you (it will even auto-fill several details).
  • Brig & Sick Bay  – The first few times you’re confined you will *definitely* have lower confinement times and warnings (it had been released a while ago, but wasn’t enabled properly).
  • Career – Fixed a bug where salaries wouldn’t be paid if you were traveling, unconscious, confined, or in combat.
  • Shop – The shop for bonds and VIP packages is live (see dedicated article)
  • University – All unimplemented university courses are marked as unavailable now.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Items – “Rarity” (common, uncommon, etc.) is now displayed correctly.
  • “Ordinance Patrol” (Side Job) – Multiple corrections incl. typos and updating. Mission will no longer blow you to pieces 😉


Your Tau Station team