Update Changelog 2018-Feb-13

Tau Station update changelog

Just one day before Valentine’s Day, a new lovely version has been deployed. The fifth changelog lists all Closed Alpha additions and modifications in a space-nut shell. Read on to see the list of missions that have been improved, learn more about new level-up rewards and further aspects like the re-worked relative stats ratings on your profile page…


  • Menu – If no missions are available, “Find a mission” now explains why
  • Mission tool – More work to ensure mission system creates valid missions (extremely hard because our missions are often huge and non-linear)

Various typos, NPC dialogues, and mission paths have been improved or fixed for the following missions:

  • Beam Me Up (Nouveau Limoges)
  • Dark Star, Bright (The Ghost of Mali)
  • Hollowship (Sol Jump Gate)
  • In the Name of Honor (Nouveau Limoges)
  • Last Night in Paris (Paris Spatiale)
  • Lost Children (Daedalus)
  • Possession (Nouveau Limoges)
  • The Tinkerer & Mrs. Star (Alpha Centauri Jump Gate)
  • Untamed Menagerie (Spirit of Botswana)
  • Waste Not, Want Not (Daedalus)

Level-Ups, Stats

  • Credits – Leveling up now pays a credit bonus directly to your bank account
  • Instant refill – Leveling up now refills stats
  • Stats Rating – Due to multiple player requests, the “relative power” of your stats shown on your profile page (high, very high, average, low, etc.), is now based on your player level and not on the stats of other players at your level
  • Training – Provide better feedback when intelligence and social stats are not safe to train


  • Drinks – Drinks in the bar now give slightly better benefits
  • Sick Bay – Fixed a bug that almost always sent you to Sick Bay on first or second drink

University Courses

  • Active course – In progress university courses are not shown as completed anymore
  • Finishing courses – You can now complete an active course even if traveling or confined to the Brig

Single Changes by Features

  • Bank – Input enhancement esp. for screen reader and keyboard usage
  • Career – Fixed a double click issue on career tasks
  • Cloning Facility – Made total clone price more clear
  • Inventory – Scrolling won’t close inventory item details on mobile anymore
  • Side Jobs –  Several tasks have been touched (text & steps)

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Account – Fixed an issue with password reset URLs not always functioning as intended
  • Login – More work on login server stability
  • Pictures – Quality improvements for a second batch of images
  • TaC – Terms and Conditions have been updated
  • Text – UTF-8 fixes to correctly display special characters in item names etc.

Your Tau Station team