Update Changelog 2018-Feb-07

Tau Station update changelog

It’s calendar week six of 2018; time for fresh game update! Read on to learn more about the new features, modifications, and improvements  that have made it to Tau Station this week.

Missions, XP, Leveling

  • New mission – “X Marks Our Shot” (level 2) on København
  • Missions – Improvements and fixes for several missions
  • Level Cap – The (current) max. level has been increased to 15
  • Combat – Much higher XP rewards for PVP and PVE combat
  • UI – Experience now shows one decimal place

Game Start

  • Character Creation – Now allows you to select your genotype
  • Brig & Sick Bay – For new players, their first three confinements to brig or sickbay will be shorter, including a warning that the duration is lower than usual

Single Changes by Features

  • Career – Fixed a bug where salary wasn’t always paid
  • Chat – Improved memory handling
  • Discreet Work – Aborting a task leads to a cool down of 12.5 segments, because of disappointed employers. Completing a Discrete Work mission awards the possibility of starting another one right after (no cool down)
  • Hotel Room – Visiting another non-area page like forums, won’t make you leave the room
  • Inventory – Some display glitches fixed
  • Training – Motivational messages now appear while training

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • iOS devices – Working to make it a more comfy experience (another update for slider)
  • Pictures – Quality improvements for a first batch of images
  • Text – A couple of spelling fixes
  • Numerous small bug fixes
  • Update of our Terms and Conditions (CORETECHS -> Rules)

Your Tau Station team