Update Changelog 2018-Dec-31

Tau Station update changelog

The new year is very close, but as we promised, another (huge) game update has been added in 2018. Team players can now start challenging Syndicate Campaigns in The Wilds. Everyone can explore a brand-new star system and a new mission. The combat UI has been reworked, massively reducing the need of scrolling. All stims have been renamed to indicate their purpose. Your CORETECHS archive contains a detail description that explains how the new naming works. Read on to see all details about today’s improvements and game play extensions.

New System ‘L 726-8 A’

A new system has been added, consisting of 3 new stations so far.

  • L 726-8 A Jump Gate (level 13), controlled by The Consortium.
  • Orwell Stronghold (level 13), ruled by Independent.
  • Spirit of Tianjin (level 14), administrated by Independent.

New Mission

  • Fanning the Flames (level 14) on Maid of Orleans station, part of the Barnard’s Star system.

Syndicate Campaigns & Changes

As promised earlier, a major new feature has been added today. We will share a dedicated feature blog post with you in the future, explaining more details. Here are some key facts:

  • Start (Area) – Teams can now start (time limited) co-op campaigns in The Wilds.
  • Start (Roles) – Members with ‘Campaign Management’ role can initiate a campaign.
  • Start (Options) – Your team can select opponents by tiers. The setup screen will show, in brackets, the total number of members per tier and their activity in the last tenspan (10 days). Difficulty levels are unlocked by your team’s level. Syndicates at level 1 are only able to start ‘easy’ campaigns.
  • Combat (Start) – Once a campaign is started, all members get a notification and the enemy list (first wave) is shown, sorted by tiers.
  • Combat (Active) – When you attack an enemy, the UI will change to the new improved layout as mentioned in combat changes below.
  • Combat (Fighters) – On the left side, the recent fighters are listed with basic stats about attacks and victories. This may help your team to see who’s active and whom to poke to improve coordination.
  • Combat (Teamwork) – The opponents recover over time, but you can defeat them with team work in more than one fight. This way, every member can serve the team by attacking enemies and reducing their stats.
  • Rewards (Success) – If your team succeeds, your Syndicate gets campaigns rewards, but also all participants get rewarded individually.
  • History log – The pagination has been replaced by a ‘show more’ button.

Combat Changes & Rearrangement

  • Interface (Rework) – Once in combat, the interface changes to focus on combat, providing a way more streamlined UI, reducing the need of scrolling massively. The sidebar components get replaced with the guard arrival timer and the combat log; all other page elements are removed, leaving only combat UI and GCT clock.
  • Avatars (Layout) – The arrangement of names and avatars has been improved, showing even bigger pictures now while still saving space.
  • Belt (Selection) – If you selected an item in your belt, you can now also de-select it again.
  • Belt (Opponent) – Your opponent’s belt is always locked for now- A new skill in the future might empower you to reveal the content of the belt later.
  • Belt (Yours) – Your own belt is collapsed by default and not expandable if empty. It now only displays items that are present rather than slots that are empty.
  • Button (Text) – The “Attack/Use” button changes its text depending on whether a weapon or consumable is selected.
  • Focus (Consumption) – To be more consistent, combat now consumes focus. Starting a fight takes 3%, the same amount is deducted when you take damage from your opponent. All your actions in combat consume 1% of focus.
  • Log (Mobile) – The log has an auto height on mobile.
  • Overdosing (Toxins) – Overdosing in combat now transfers you into Sick Bay (if available) and thus ends the fight, fixing a bug where you were locked in combat room even though you overdosed.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Profiles (Description) – The personal description section is only shown if the according citizen added a personal text to his profile.
  • Profiles (Genotype) – A citizen’s genotype is now always shown on the public profile page, even if no personal description text is in place.
  • Repair (Price) – Prices have increased for repairing items via bonds, but the increase is connected to tiers to avoid overcharging for higher tier items.
  • Stims (Names) – The names of stim packs have been changed, reflecting their tier level, stats affected and medical impact with way shorter names. As a lot of information is connected with stims, a detailed explanation of the naming systematic can be found in the archive of your CORETECHS.
  • Stims (Tiers) – You still can no longer take higher tier stims like implemented end of November. Stims that are 1 and 2 tiers below your character’s tier provide decreasing benefits as they’re not enough anymore. Everything more than two tiers below your tier will provide no change to your stats or toxicity.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Mission ‘Riches to Rag-Tag’ (various) – The forum report compiled by Shadow has been taken care of, thanks!


Have a nice, promising and save New Year’s Eve everyone! The entire team is looking forward to seeing you in space 2019 again!