Update Changelog 2018-Dec-07

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s content update adds the cinema to your CORETECHS, and extends your credit log to 10 entries. Mails won’t be delayed anymore which means you communicate faster than light speed, even if you write a message to a citizen on a station far, far away from your position. The team processed your typo reports (thanks!) and did a couple of detail changes you can check in more detail in today’s changelog. Enjoy!

New Cinema

Benevolent Dynamics has been restoring old Earth videos and is making them freely available in your CORETECHS as a public service. The ‘Cinema’ is now part of the CORETECHS, showing one new Isaac Arthur video per day.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Avatar (Image fix) – One avatar picture was missing which has been sorted.
  • PvE Campaigns (Challenges) – The most challenging level of difficulty is now named “extreme” instead of “impossible” to make it clearer: it’s very hard, but you still have the chance to succeed!
  • Character Page (Reputation) – The reputation listing is now ordered by affiliation name.
  • Character Page (Description) – If you are using markdown in your character description, it gets properly converted to html on the personal profile page (alignment of headlines was not optimal).
  • Credit log (Extension) – You have the ability to see double the amount of recent transactions: 10.
  • Credit log (Chronology) – Compulsory contributions to your syndicate, based on the tax rate, are listed after bank deposit transactions to better reflect the chronology.
  • Mails (Instant) – There is no longer any delay caused by information travel time for emails; sometimes you saw the topic, but the content was available later. This is no longer the case, you receive everything instantly now.
  • Mails (Syndicates) – The unread email flag is set correctly for syndicate emails.
  • Mission (Fix) – A dead end has been removed when talking to Justina in the mission ‘On the Outside’ on Yards of Gadani.
  • Profiles (Background) – The public profiles container graphic has been improved.
  • Toxins (Background) – As requested, the background color of toxins has been changed to improve the visual harmony.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Area Descriptions (Ruins) – The sub-areas at the Ruins which had been added in November have local descriptions now also on Tau Station, Daedalus, Taungoo, Noveau Limoges, and Sol Jumpgate.
  • Mission ‘CORETECHS Calibration’ (various) – 2 typos have been resolved, and a statement is now shown in a speech bubble as intended.
  • Mission ‘Ready Player Everyone’ (various) – Everything reported on forums has been taken care of. Thanks!
  • Mission ‘Riches to Rag-Tag’ (various) – All text glitches reported on the forums has been taken care of.
  • Mission ‘Fashion Victim’ (various) – 5 typos reported on forums are gone.
  • Mission ‘My Only Hope’ (various) – 4 typos have been fixed like the addition “r” in the NPC’s name which is Norbush, but maybe the passion for a game classic put the character into the name like in Guybrush 🙂
  • NPC (description) – Cornelius at the Gov’t Center on Tau Station now has a “bushy” beard as intended.
  • NPC (description) – Another “hairy issue”: Mastiff Maroon at the Docks on Caen Stronghold has a mat of hair now, not giving his hairstyle the name like “matt”. What a single character can do…
  • Station (area texts) – One typo removed in The Wilds and at the Security on Caen Station.