Update Changelog 2018-Aug-29

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s game update contains several fixes and detail improvements. A new help icon in the tool bar contains tips for new citizens, but also for the more experienced ones, as some very helpful fan sites are now listed here as well (thanks for your great work!). The public syndicate details are exposing the tax rate now, and some optional comfort functions for syndicate foundations have been added. The station list in CORETECHS shows the station’s level now as well to see if your citizen level matches. Read on to see all details.

Discreet Work

  • Empty Descriptions – Some missing descriptions have been added.
  • Item weights – Mission items have more than zero kilograms again. The impact of carrying a bottle of spring water is realistic again ^^


  • Mobile Version – An issue affecting the mobile version has been resolved.
  • Multiple Tabs – The chat has been updated to better catch up issues caused by having multiple browser tabs open with chat.
  • Performance – The chat is faster now as we removed a communication delay based on the distance between your positions in the game.


  • Archive Styling – The styling of the archive lists has been slightly improved.
  • Station Levels – A useful citizen suggestion has been implemented: the station list now also shows each station’s level at first sight. This helps you to see instantly which trips make sense for playing new missions, e.g.
  • Syndicate Taxes – The detail view of syndicates now exposes the current tax rate which might be an important detail for citizens who want to apply for membership.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Career (Start) – “Start Career Path” link now highlighted.
  • Character Page (Layout) – Your main character page now has properly formatted bond/credit amounts with symbols. We also removed some colons in the tables to streamline it.
  • Daily Rations (Message) – Messages for picking up ration items have been changed; now the total amount is properly shown even if a new (second) stack is started.
  • Help (Toolbar) – A new information icon has been added to the upper left toolbar. It contains some advice and hints for new citizens, links to helpful fan sites, but also information like how to get in touch with our support.
  • Sidebar (Areas) – The areas are now sorted correctly in alphabetical order.
  • Syndicate (Foundation) – Several optional bribe actions have been added to the process of applying for a Syndicate licence at the Gov’t Center. The application deadline can now be extended for another 5 days, supporters can sign electronically from other stations, missing supporters can be compensated.

Text Changes

  • Item text (Spark Charge) – The description text of this common long range weapon is now matching the shot gun (check detail page).