Update Changelog 2018-Aug-22

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s game update includes many improvements, as well as several implemented Community suggestions (e.g. a new confirmation dialogue shows when you want to drop an item). A bunch of new University courses are available for all the Captains out there wanting to enhance the efficiency of your private ships. Discreet Work has several small tweaks, multi-stims are now stackable, and the detail display of armor items at the Public Market now shows their defense values. Read on for the full list of changes in this content update.


  • Actions (Traveling) – Some important syndicate actions can now be performed while traveling or engaged in another activity (e.g. approve or deny membership, kick or ban, toggle recruiting, etc.).
  • Banking (Credits) – Depositing small amounts of credits to the bank when a syndicate tax is applied no longer causes an error.
  • Banking (Number Display) – The balance display for syndicate total credits and individual syndicate member contributions now shows accurate figures with two digits after the decimal point.
  • Mails (Mobile Layout) – Tidied up compose button layout for syndicate mass emails; a wrapping layout issue has been resolved for mobile devices.
  • Member Tags (Mobile) – Syndicate tags are now shown in front of citizen names in the mobile layout of the game.
  • Membership (Withdrawal) – If you withdraw a syndicate membership application, you won’t be able to apply to another syndicate for 24 hours.
  • Officers (W.I.P.) – Special “Officer” positions are in preparation for syndicates. The first thing you can see already is the new “building management” role. Later on, we will explain the officers in more detail.

University: New Ship Courses Unlocked

Many new University courses are available to boost the efficiency of your private ships.

Ship Engineering

  • Introduction to Ship Engineering – Unlocks ship engineering courses.
  • Basic Fuel Efficiency – Slightly reduce the fuel consumption of your ship.
  • Basic Ship Maintenance – Slightly reduce the chance of your ship taking damage in flight.
  • Advanced Fuel Efficiency – Reduce the fuel consumption of your ship.
  • Advanced Ship Maintenance – Reduce the chance of your ship taking damage in flight.
  • Fuel Efficiency Master – Greatly reduce the fuel consumption of your ship.
  • Ship Maintenance Master – Greatly reduce the chance of your ship taking damage in flight.

Advanced Ship Engineering

  • Basic Navigation Systems – Learn the basics of ship navigation and unlock further navigation courses.
  • Jump Gate Navigation – Understand jump gate construction to increase jump gate travel speed.

Changes on Discreet Work

  • Accepting – The first step following “accept” is now outside the Discreet Work area. You will no longer lose the link back to Discreet Work.
  • Starting – After accepting a job you are directed to another area to talk to an NPC who will share the details.
  • Finishing – After completing the job you are directed back to the same NPC to receive your reward.
  • Descriptions – We started on making job descriptions more interesting (for available jobs). We’d like to have multiple random details on each job to make this more interesting.
  • Plastic Scrolls – Reduced the number of “plastic scrolls”.
  • Items – Added a number of new loot tables with different types of items which are used in preference to station loot tables for items that are gained and then given back during mission. Some jobs intentionally give an item, and this has been made clearer in jobs descriptions.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Bank (Display) – Added the thousands comma separator for credits to improve readability, similar to the credit display under “information”.
  • Bank (Order) – Switched sections, so withdraw/deposit credits comes first.
  • Clicks (Error) – Fixed a bug sometimes caused by clicking too many actions at the same time.
  • Forums (Buttons) – Re-position of forum buttons, “reply” is now the most prominent button on the right side and the “abuse report” and “delete” buttons have been moved to the left.
  • Inventory (Dropping) – Added a confirmation dialogue for dropping items as suggested by some citizens to avoid accidental losses by clicking the wrong button.
  • Public Market (Armor) – Armor items now show the correct stats in expanded detail view instead of “0” (zero).
  • Confinement (URLs) – When you are confined to the Sick Bay, Cloning Vats or Brig, a URL is shown instead of the area menu. This URL now shows the proper names like used in the game (e.g. “Sick Bay” instead of “sickbay”).
  • Multi-Stims (Stacks) – The stim packs boosting more than one stat are now stackable in stacks of five. Tier 3 single-stat stims are stackable in stacks of ten, and other stackable items remain stackable at twenty to a stack.
  • Stats (Order) – Streamlined the display of stats that the sorting order of your information bar (strength, agility, stamina, intelligence, social) is now everywhere the same. It has been changed in combat, in the detail view of clones, and in the detail view of multi-stims.
  • Website (Testimonials) – Added further testimonials of Community members who shared their private statements.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Abuse report (typo) – The correction of the word “happend” happened; the intended word happens to be in place now. ^^
  • Archive (Razorback) –Galactic Coordinated Time (GCT) doesn’t know hours; the ship description of Razorbacks is reflecting this now as well.
  • Area Description (Context) – The Employment Center on Spirit of Botswana station is part of Alpha Centauri system. We removed a reference to Saturn which is part of the Sol system.
  • Area Tutorial (Shipyard) – Changed a “too” into “to” due to your eagle eyes (thx!).
  • Area Tutorial (Storage) – Improved the help text to explain stacked items and storage stacks.
  • Return Button (Bank) – The bank name displayed on the upper right ‘Return to Bank’ UI button has been corrected for various stations like Paris Spatiale.
  • Item (Juggler’s Sticks) – We juggled a typo in the description text of the item.
  • Item (Musty Book) – The rarity of the book did not match its description and our game world (as books are rare relics). Thus, we changed the rarity from common to rare: check out the detail view.
  • Item (Ringmaster’s Staff) – Fixed a typo in the description text and the name is now displayed properly without a text encoding issue at Vendor pages.
  • Item (VIP packs) – Added a missing “is” in the description texts of all packs.
  • Side Job (Content) – “Pod Mucker” on Moissan Station now has the entire content.