Update Changelog 2018-Aug-08

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week, a new mission awaits you on Moissan station. Syndicates are now able to change their tax rate. Syndicates now gain experience points by their members’ activity; this way low level players can contribute as much as high level players to their alliance.

As you know and as our weekly changelog posts indicate, we’ve been improving and extending Tau Station for you with weekly content updates. Next week will be a rare exception; there won’t be an update on 15th of August, because many members of our development team will attend the The Perl conference  in Glasgow.

New Mission

  • “Fun Gus Among Us” (level 7) on Moissan station, part of the Alpha Centauri system.


  • Roles (fix) – An issue has been resolved where it was impossible to add syndicate roles to most members.
  • Taxes (adjustment) – Members with the “Money Management” role can now modify the tax rate. A syndicate’s tax rate will be exposed on the public summary in the future.
  • Experience Points (contributions) – Alliances now gain experience per character action and not on character experience gain. This way we want to ensure that low level citizens can contribute as much as high level players. A syndicate now benefits from their members activity, no matter which level they have.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Staff members (tag) – Members of the Tau Station team will now be indicated with the [staff] tag on their profile and in chat. This makes it easier for you to identify officials you can approach.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • We have fixed some university descriptions which mistakenly referred to Gaule instead of Consortium.