Update Changelog 2018-Aug-01

Tau Station update changelog

This week’s update brings some detail changes and improvements. The team has been preparing the next bigger feature updates. A syndicate membership is now indicated in every citizen’s profiles by showing the tag. A new management role is available to improve the organization in syndicates. Increasing your syndicate’s membership limit can now be done either by using your alliance’s funds, presuming you have the needed role, or by using private bonds.


  • Citizen Profiles – Your profiles now indicate a syndicate membership by showing the tag.
  • New Role – A new role for “Money Management” has been added. It grants members the right to spend money from the syndicate’s bank. In the future these members will also be able to change their syndicate’s tax rate.
  • Membership limit (syndicate) – Increasing the membership limit with syndicate bonds now needs the new role mentioned before.
  • Membership limit (private) – All members can support their alliance by using private bonds to increase the membership limit. With a future update, this private investment will be counted for the member’s contribution, listed in the bank; it will also take into account all private investments done before this (upcoming) improvement.
  • Bond usage – The bonds for increasing the membership capacity are now taken from the syndicate’s bank as intended, in case you use the option of taking syndicate bonds. Having the second (private) option in place, will still empower you to support your alliance in this regard, even without the right of using syndicate funds.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Stations (Orwellian level) –┬áSpirit of Botswana: Orwellian level has been increased as it was too low.
  • Tech (Various) – Much development effort is on upcoming (syndicate) features, and improvements.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Area Tutorial (Gov’t Center) – The help text has been updated to cover the new syndicates feature as well.
  • Career task (Trader) – A missing “to” has been added to one sentence.