Update Changelog 2018-Apr-25

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update brings back two missions, the first parts of Spaceship Operations have been unlocked at Universities, you can activate optional desktop notifications for chat mentions and more. Read on to learn all details about the latest content update…in parallel, a major feature is in development for you.

New Features & Functions

  • Chat – A new autocomplete function helps if you want to mention someone, using “@”.
  • Chat – You can get desktop notifications on chat mentions if you want to; you can turn them on or off in your game settings. So far, it’s for desktop PCs and such browsers supporting the functionality (not on mobile yet).
  • CORETECHS – The new option “storage” shows contents of all of your storage lockers on all stations, helping you to keep an overview, no matter where you are.
  • Skills – You can start learning Spaceship Operations as the first three categories “Space Navigation”, “Ship Technology” and “Ship Handling” are available now at Universities offering this field of study.
  • Tooltips – A new accessible warning icon has been added to provide more context in some areas. Example: you will now see the icon on items at the public market in case their tier is above what you can use right now. If you click on the icon, it reveals a description text with according details. Note: You might need to clear your browser cache once to see the new tool tips.

New Missions (available again)

  • “Damsel in the Dark” (level 7) on Moissan station, part of Alpha Centauri system.
  • “Fair Game” (level 10) on Bordeaux station, part of Alpha Centauri system.

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “Beyond the Seal” (wording) – Word “year” swapped to “cycles” as we have GCT time.
  • “Dear Heart” (text) – Some typos fixed; thanks to forum reporters!
  • “Fashion Victim” (context) – Improved the ending to call on the correct previous choices.
  • “From the Ashes” (reward) – Reward increased at end of mission.
  • “Shrine of Remains” (text) – A couple of typos reported on forums are now resolved.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Character Creation – Improved feedback in case a similar name already exists in game.
  • Services – The duration of optional services like hiring a personal trainer at the Gym is now better indicated before you activate those.
  • Side Jobs – “CO2 Scrubber Maintenance” on Alpha Centauri Jump Gate is temporarily deactivated; it will be available again next week after repairs.
  • Tau Station, Medical Bay (text) – After a text diagnosis, a word has been healed 😉 .