Update Changelog 2018-Apr-18

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s game update reflects only a few fragments of what the team has been working on for you. A major content update is still in development and a lot was done toward opening up the game for everyone!

New max level

  • The level cap has been increased to level 25.

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • “Dancers of the Night Water” (text) – Several minor text glitches fixed (Spirit of Botswana).
  • “Dear Heart” (loop) – A loop situation in one mission path during a dialogue with Philippe has been resolved (Cirque Centauri).
  • “Dear Heart” (text) – 2 typos corrected (Cirque Centauri).
  • “Possession” (text) – A gender reference of HervĂ© corrected (Nouveau Limoges).
  • “Waste Not, Want Not” (NPC) – Brother Alpheus is now shown only once at the Peerage; the mission giver NPC (Daedalus).
  • “Absolute Power” (path) – A missing ending was added so the mission wouldn’t dead end.

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Account – New players are now able to use Facebook login if they want to.
  • Credits – Standardized how credits are handled in-game, which might result in experiencing slight price changes compared to what we had before.
  • Opening – Much preparation work for opening the game for everyone.
  • Texts – Cleanup of markdown filter.