Update Changelog 2018-Apr-11

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update brings a new mission for the Alpha Centauri A system, a batch of new items, various improvements, and smaller changes. Once again, the team has been working on upcoming major content updates that need more than a week. Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions and reports; keep up the good work!

New Features

  • Items – A set of new premium items and according pictures have been added.
  • Mission – “Dancers of the Night Water” (level 9) on Spirit of Botswana (Alpha Centauri).

Mission Changes & Improvements

  • Mission system (steps) – An improvement was implemented that resolves occasional “mission step not found” issues (e.g. “Last Night in Paris,” “Everybody loves a Clown”).
  • “Dear Heart” (character) – Character description improved & a text glitch removed.
  • “On the Outside” (path) – Suit check options have been removed to improve the mission.
  • Smaller typos removed in some missions, for example: “On the Outside” (Room 513), ” “Shrine of Remains” (twisted characters).

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Discreet Work – NPC Raymond Kayes now always works as intended.
  • Forums – Improved validation of forum posts was applied.
  • Market – Sorting order of sub-areas has been rearranged.
  • Public Market – A “sell your items” button has been added to make the flow more comfortable for you; similar to what you know from the Vendor Market.
  • Public Market – A fix for Chrome mobile (adding price improved).
  • Repairs – Repair times are consistent now.
  • Ruins – New ability to decrease waiting time for the next PvE encounter with bonds.