Update Changelog 2018-Apr-04

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Last week’s update added a major new feature, the Public Market. Today’s update contains two new missions, many detail improvements and fixes. The game options feature has been prepared to offer you game customization in the future. The team has been working on the next bigger content update as you will see with in the coming weeks.

New Missions & Changes in Missions

  • “Dear Heart” (level 9) on Cirque Centauri, part of Alpha Centauri system.
  • “Shrine of Remains” (level 8) on Paris Spatiale,¬†Alpha Centauri system.
  • “The Warning” on Bordeaux (synopsis) – Adjusted synopsis so you will know to connect with Kazuki without leaving the area you’re in.

New Features

  • Game Options – A setting page has been added and it will be needed to give you more customization options soon; right now it shows one option for area tutorials.

Text Changes & Typo Hunting

  • Ghost of Mali station (NPC) – NPC descriptions updated.
  • Moissan station (NPC) – NPCs descriptions updated.
  • Yards of Gadani station (lounge) – Typo fixed.
  • Mission “Absolute Power” – Showed one typo our resolving power.
  • Mission “Beyond the Seal” – Put typos / grammar issue beyond the game.
  • Mission “Clean Slate” – Typos cleaned up.
  • Mission “Dark Star, Bright”- Typos sent into darkness.
  • Mission “Everybody Loves a Clown” – Typos gone, clowns happy again.
  • Mission “From the Ashes” – Burned a few typos.
  • Mission “Hailing Red Jane”- Hailing a polished text with a few text fixes.
  • Mission “Namesake”- Few changes like hyphenating words, for the sake of text cosmetics.
  • Mission “On the Outside” – You will no longer be prompted to pass along a massage.
  • Mission “Smoke and Mirrors” – One Typo ended up in smoke.
  • Mission “The Chemist”- Dissolved a few typos in acid.
  • Mission “Untamed Menagerie”- We tamed it: another typo said farewell.
  • Several minor spelling errors across various missions, game wide. Thanks for all the eagle eyes input provided on the forums, via email and issue reports!

Various Improvements & Fixes

  • Career – To address a common question about career changes, a detail info has been added; you can change careers while keeping the progress of the current one which means you can later continue where you left off.
  • Jobs – Visitor Attendant, Co2-scrubber Maintenance, and Water Bottle Filling have each been corrected to address a situation that was keeping you from being able to fully accept the jobs.
  • Repairs – The duration for item repairs display before you start it is now matching the actual time it takes (there was a tiny mismatch)
  • Shuttle message – A correct message is now shown when the interstellar shuttle countdown expires; the system worked as intended, but when you took the flight, the message first said that you missed it (resolved).