The Crane’s Critique: Mantis Class Private Cruiser

How blessings brighten as they take their flight.
Edward Young

How pertinent a sentence, allegedly uttered by a poet of ancient Terran origin, that applies aptly to the recent discovery of an entire fleet of sleek and steady vessels to ferry us through the Black. The Mantis Class Private Cruiser, a ship I have had the distinct pleasure of being allowed to fly. Tune in, loyal followers, for my enlightening review!

The recently dubbed Mantis Class Private Cruiser line was discovered in its entirety within the cargo hold of a derelict transport carrier. Said carrier was found drifting on the very fringes of the Sol system during a salvage run by a squadron of København Wreck Runners. (They have, it seems, now begun operating off-station as well).

An entire line of vessels discovered intact and ready for flight is quite a boon indeed! Once tested, they went on the market almost immediately. And I can tell you that this rambunctious reviewer with a flair for oration was quick to requisition one, erm, well with the help of some ingenious regulating of ownership details by the resourceful Caracals of House Congo.

Well! What can I tell you my friends but a flight of sublime sensation! Pre-Catastrophe technology that seemed specifically designed for a smooth flight with suspension thrusters kicking in at the merest hint of turbulence!

I whooped as I darted past asteroids that now felt to meander like cosmic hippopotami lazing in a river compared to my technologically gifted aerial grace! Fellow Freebooters, salvaging a recent victim, sent pings of what I imagined equal measure of envy and encouragement as I darted past their eerily silent disemboweling of a hapless cruiser that had, no doubt, neglected to pay the entirely optional protection fees encouraged whilst traveling through the Apples of Discord.

Velocity, whilst not quite as fast as a Razorback, definitely leaves shuttles choking on your plasma discharge. The lack of a cargo hold and a medium range, however, makes this a less than ideal choice for long journeys that may, perhaps, require the moving of goods. 

I do, however, highly recommend this metal-bound avian as the perfect chariot for a visit through our freshly opened jump gate here at the Apples of Discord! Drop my name and bring plenty of Bonds!

Should you be lucky enough to acquire one of these shining beasts of personal transport, perhaps they will take you on journeys of adventure and discovery, inspiring grand tales and yet grander deeds! In the words of a past dreamer of flight:

The human bird shall take his first flight, filling the world with amazement, all writings with his fame, and bringing eternal glory to the nest whence he sprang.

Leonardo da Vinci

This is Frasier the Crane, and this has been another Crane’s Critique!