The Art of Weaponized Ingenuity

Equipment is crucial for survival. As the universe of Tau Station grows, as more and more survivors scavenge and craft useful gear, so has our art team been working on visualizing these ingenious new creations. Today we share some first impressions with you.

As you know, Tau Station is in a polishing phase. We’ve been implementing improvements as well as adding new features. The review process includes items as well. We are moving from station to station, adding new items and artwork on each one of them.

Brass Knuckles

If you don’t have solid metal at hand, using some strong metal wiring  to fashion some makeshift brass knuckles is always an option. These Copper Wire Knuckles are a homemade close range weapon made from woven copper wiring. The cables are even used to attach dangerous spikes that can leave a deadly impression on your opponents.

Brass nuckles made of copper wires. A solid cable is used for the basic form while thinner wires are wrapped around it for adding stability.

The Shock Knuckles are a hand-to-hand combat weapon made of solid metal parts. They don’t have spikes like the Copper Wire Knuckles, but a stun feature instead.

Tools retro-engineered for survival

In extreme situations, the original purpose of items can often be tweaked. Before, this Crate Hammer was used to open crates. Today, it has become a useful tool for closing your enemy’s mouth.

A long rusty, but solit metal pole with a a red crowbar at one end that was used to pry open boxes.

Heavy tools are very popular and many Ruin Rats search for such items. Why? Due to their size and weight, it’s easy to use them in fights.

Too dull to cut, these Dulled Bolt Cutters have been discarded, yet a competent scavenger can still utilize their heat mechanism well enough to melt metal, or even flesh!

A heavy Bolt Cutter with black blades, yellow long handles with some grey rubber grips on it.

With some craftsman skills, heavy tools will not only deal simple physical damage. A good example is this Heavy Tools Homemade Taser. It’s amazing what one can construct with little more than a battery cell, engineering tape, and an old wrench.

A big curved wrench with a ring head and and open-ended head. A plastic grip on the shaft end that protects you from electricity. A battery cell has been attached with engineer tape to the upper part closed to the open-ended head, adding the ability for electro shocks to the tool.

Usually used in igniting pilot lights, this handy rod emits incredible heat, incredibly quickly.

Some Classics

A Metal Shank is a crude and basic piece of metal, sharpened for stabbing with a basic, simple grip.

A simple piece of tapered metal, approx. 25 cm long. A simple piece of cloth is wrapped around the lower part.

This is a more ‘professional’ version as this Shank has a wooden grip. The thin and tapered blade is ideal for stabbing, and the additional saw blade leads to severe wounds when yanking it out of your enemies.

A 20 cm shank with a wooden grip. It's a very thin, slighly rusty tapered blade with a saw blade on one side.

Another very simplistic, but very dangerous tool for stabbing. The Sharpened Shiv that has been enhanced with a deadly edge.

A 25cm very shiny blade as it has been sharpened a lot which leads to it's shape which is very close to an ice pick.

Another example of the sort of weaponized ingenuity of the average ruins rat!


This Worn Carbon Nunchaku was used by someone near the Ruins. Two lengths of aged carbon are connected by a Himo made of six small chain links.

Two carbon sticks connected with small six chain links.

If you’re lucky, you may find a Nunchaku of better quality with a longer Himo which makes the weapon more flexible.

The Nunchaku is made of 2 metallic sticks, connected with a longer chain.

Heavy Tools

In our time, there is no misuse of tools; inventive thinking can lead to important advantages in combat. This Half-Broken Multi-Tool sparks dangerously and can even be used to stun an attacker. A health and safety nightmare once upon a time, a useful weapon today!

A mechanical multitool with various grips and devices coming out at different angles. Dark yellow in color with what appears to be a rifle-like shoulder stabilizer on the back end.

There is no need to explain further what you can do with the items pictured below, the name is scary enough: chainsaws!

Rumors have been spreading recently, after some photos of unknown origin were leaked to various citizen’s CORETECHS. Investigations are ongoing to identify the weapons shown below, it seems those are quite strong energy weapons.

New Armors

This modular riot gear is optimized for female Genotypes, though there is seldom any judgement towards whoever decides to don it. Various attachments are possible for shoulders, arms and legs. Top sellers are the spiked metal plates as they offer both protection and an intimidating reputation.

Two black leather body suits with metal applications and plates protecting the chest, hips, shoulders, arms and legs. Below, four optional shoulder plates are shown: a shiny steel version with spikes, one made of black carbon, a brass colored one with spikes and another version without spikes, covered with yellow plastic.

Modified hazmat suits can also offer proper protection.

Two versions of a modular type hazmat looking armor. Turquoise in color with various segments and tools attached. To the right, angular shots of the interior and exterior helmets.

Last, but not least, some further sleek looking female body armor.

Black and sleek looking female body armor. The first one show the top separately. The top image showing it with the hood up and with a green face light glowing and the bottom image with the hood down.

How do you like the new ideas and pictures?

We’ll conclude this insights post with another outlook: more new items will come in the (near) future, following several suggestions from our Community!


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