The Art of the Market

Peace is a natural effect of trade.

Charles de Montesquieu

Peace may not be the first word that comes to mind when walking through a market in the Tau Station universe.  From the raucous harmony of a vendor hawking his wares, to the acrid, metallic taste lingering in the air after a potential customer tests out a gun at the Hephaestus Weapon Tech booth, the Market place is always one of the most chaotic and vibrant areas on a station.

Recently we showed you a glimpse of what our very talented artists were creating in as far as space travel.  This week, we invite you to enjoy a small tour of some of the many interesting aspects of our market places.

When entering a station’s market, you have a plethora of options. You can either visit different regular Vendors, access and manage your personal Storage, trade with special Syndicate Vendors, or browse the Electronic Market.

The first UI you see when entering the market offers 4 options: Visit regular Vendors, your Storage, Syndicate Vendors or the Electronic Market.

The merchants of every station offer a variety of different items and services such as weapons, medicine, food, repairs and more. The vendors and their offers differ from station to station, but the Market is always the place to be if you’re savvy and looking to score a good deal. When entering the area, an overview enlists the signs of all the boiths you can visit. Category icons indicate what you can expect to find.

Within any particular vendor’s shop, you can peruse his offers and scrutinize item details to your heart’s content. Be aware that trading skills, reputation, and a number of other factors can have an impact on what you can see or get. Trading, some would say, is the cornerstone of a civilized society and perhaps crucial for humankind to rise back out of the ashes and prosper once more.

A shop with shiny neon lights indication that weapons are sold here. There are big crates on the left side of the shop and a huge display is connected to the vendor's booth. Two kneeling customers are having a look at the offers.

As always, the universe of Tau Station is an ever-evolving beast and our images are subject to change. Feel free to head over to the Art and UI section to keep up to date with all of our brilliant art teams latest creations.