The Art of Handcrafted Gear

In a post-apocalyptic world, survivors must battle shortages of everything from water and food to industrial products. Thankfully, humanity is resourceful! We adapt and improvise, especially when it comes to making new gear from scavenged parts. Today we show you examples of new artwork for such handcrafted weapons and armor.

Short Range Weapons

Assembling close combat weapons is most citizens’ first experience of makeshift weapon manufacture. Much of what can be scavenged from the Ruins can be fashioned into an implement for stabbing, beating, slicing and skewering. Range weapons like shot guns on the other hand are more complex, and need special resources to produce the ammunition.

Sports-style bats however are stable, reliable and popular club weapons. Simple modifications can turn them into deadly tools. With the attachment of nails, as seen with the Strange Rod, or blades like the Pole Pike, you can wound attackers in all manner of grisly ways!

The strange rod is a dirty wooden baseball bat with a rest of blue duct tape at the grip. A dozen nails in the barrel make it a very dangerous close range weapon.The pole pike is a very rusty baseball bat with two rusty blades tied at the barrel. As the blades exceed the barrel, you cannot only slice your enemies, but also use it for stabbing.

Such ingenious combinations of components sometimes create a decisive advantage in combat, but they rely on the ability to forge and weld metallic objects. The “creative” weapon-smiths engaged in this activity have produced all sorts of depraved and disturbing creations recently. Highlights include a saw-blade equipped, metallic baseball bat (e.g. the Sharpened Ice Club, an uncommon tier 2 weapon) and a spiked knuckleduster bonded to a rusty old knife, for dual punchy-stabbing action, as per┬áthe epic tier 3 Battle Blade: Trailblazing Blazers.

The sharpened ice club is a very oxidized iron baseball bat with a rest of blue duct tape at the grip. Parts of rusty saw blades have been forged into the barrel in a way that on four sides sharp solid metal will seriously wound your enemies.The epic Battle Blade: Trailblazing Blazers is the result of a knuckleduster which has been forged to the grip of a brown rusty knife with a blade of 20 cm.

Long Range Weapons

Although harder to manufacture, long range weapons offer a precious chance to attack an enemy earlier and confer a useful combat advantage. It’s no surprise therefore that survivors graft hard to produce some serious-looking rifles!

A rusty handcrafted gun with a visor and 2 ammunition sources: close to the barrel is a magazine slot and in the middle is an additional ammunition belt. Part of the construction are also several wires and tubes which seem to be a hydraulic system. Blue duct tape is used on several parts like the barrel.A rusty brown rifle with a heavily-taped shoulder-stock and two handles. Blue bands hold everything together and are wrapped around both the handle and the barrel grip. On top, a telescopic sight helps with precision.

Various modifications, from silencers to bayonets, can greatly boost the versatility of any rifle.

A shiny, gun-metal black rifle with a bulky shoulder stock, telescopic sight, and large silver ammo magazine. The barrel is long and thin with a small silencer, and is crowned at the end by an additional sight. The weapon has been proudly polished by its attentive creator.A rusted rifle which has been reinforced with blue bands to extend its already-lengthy lifespan. It has a large shoulder stock and handle, mid-size magazine, and a barrel to which a large rusted bayonet has been lashed.


Since everyone else is armed, having good body protection is vital. Assembling durable materials for this is at least as important as having good weapons. A reliable bit of armor comes in handy if your opponent lands the first blow in combat!

Below are a few cleverly-modified items. The Banded Kuyak is a common tier 2 item, made from thick leather which has been reinforced with metal plates. The Spiked Leather Jacket weighs 5 kg and gives you a solid defense against impact damage.

The Banded Kuyak is a brigandine-like suit of thick leather reinforced with metal plates, with long armored faulds to protect hip and thigh.The Spiked Leather Jacket is a thick leather jacket, with spikes along the blue sleeves, chest and shoulders. The breast plate is made of brown leather, also having spikes.

The Enhanced Combat Vest has no sleeves, but this thick canvas vest has metal enhancements that protect you against piercing and impact damage. The Patchwork Bomber is a rare jacket. Some extra leather patches on the chest, back, and elbows help to shield more damage than the original version. This is a great starter item but remember; it’s tier 1 for a good reason. Leather isn’t impregnable!

The Enhanced Combat Vest has no sleeves, but some shoulder protectors made of leather. Thin metal discs have been attached, many are bent or misshapen, and a few are missing.The Patchwork Bomber has had extra leather patches added on the chest and on the back, as well as on the elbows. However, the patches are all of different colors and thickness.