TauLife Holozene Issue 190

TauLife Holozene Issue 190 – First broadcast 210.79

Greetings Consortium Citizens! TauLife Holozene is back on the air! Thank you for joining us on another titillating broadcast, we provide the most exciting “info-tainment” from the Sol system and beyond!

Today we’re  chatting with Kirsi, one of the cloning technicians on Taungoo Station, the headquarters of the famed Anima Foundation.

Hi there Kirsi, welcome to the show. Please, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi Rick and the listeners! I’m a big fan, thank you for having me on today. I was born right here on Taungoo, and I’m part of the lab crew at the Cloning Facility. It is my job to help customers with the various cloning services we offer. I love my work, because I get to assist people with one of the most important decisions they will ever make!

Ok, an enthusiastic employee I see! How did you start working with The Anima Foundation?

Well, I was part of a local sponsorship program that selected me based on evaluations and examinations. I received a scholarship to study at University. Once I completed my studies on Tau Station, I came back here to work and haven’t been happier! The Anima Foundation is always looking for the highly-skilled to join and participate towards the goal of ending all conflict, as our unofficial slogan states, “Curing Conflict, Clone by Clone”.

What do you mean, “curing conflict”? Surely that’s not possible?

Why not?! After all, what use is violence and strife when everyone is functionally unkillable? Conflict, as we know it today, will end. It will be replaced with negotiation, mediation, and dialogue, the only means to deal with human disagreements, as we all learn to put aside our differences and ascend into peace once again.

Other people might not agree. We did a broadcast with Sister Nyx several cycles ago. I’m sure you know that the Prometheans believe in the “One Life” and how cloning is abhorrent?

Yes Rick, I know the Prometheans well -trust me. Their understanding of the world is limited by faith, while the underpinning of ours is rooted in truth and science. They give themselves over to  chance or luck. Why should an accidental, even purposeful death, lead to a tragic end of one’s life? The Anima Foundation is, and always will be, a pioneer for human salvation and prosperity. The Prometheans, and the like-minded represent barriers to progress -obstacles that, trust me Rick,  we will overcome for a better tomorrow.

Wow, I see, that’s an interesting take on the world. Well, I admire your confidence and keep up the good work. Being a clone-user myself, I’m more than happy that you and Anima are around to help us out. As we’re wrapping up, any last words for the audience Kirsi?

Oh, I would just like to add that one can find Anima powered cloning services in several star systems, not just Sol. We offer all types, 3D printed, Vat Grown and Premium selections, available to everyone and anyone, as long as you can afford it!

That’s all the time we have today, a big thank you to Kirsi for meeting with us. Stayed tuned and informed dear listener -if you’re ever in Taungoo and need a clone, check out the state-of-the-art Anima Foundation facilities and services.

Now a quick word from today’s sponsors.

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Well, that’s all from us today. This is Rick Sontaro, straight from the source, wishing all you Consortium Citizens a great tenspan!