TauLife Holozene Issue 101

TauLife Holozene Issue 101 – First broadcast 202.89

Greetings listeners! Welcome to another edition of TauLife, the on-the-pulse holozene of all things Consortium.

Today’s special edition comes to you straight from Daedalus station, home of the Promethean Sect. Strap in citizens, or should I say ‘brothers and sisters’, as we talk all things ‘One Life’ with today’s special guest, Sister Nyx, a sect member for exactly 100 cycles!

Welcome, Sister Nyx. It’s an honor to have you here. Please, tell us a little about yourself.

Honored too, are we, in your presence. As Sister Nyx, 100 cycles I have lived in the Promethean Sect, and a few more before that, all here on Daedalus station.

Right, thank you. What a way with words you have! So, tell us, does that mean you weren’t born into the sect? 

No, I was not. With beginnings, I shall begin. After the Catastrophe, born here, on Daedalus station, was I. My parents knew not the One Life, but labored in the Phosphorous Plant. Back then, when the work was open to those like them.

Yet fearful of the sect, they were. Grew it did, and so fled they did. To a future away from here. But I stayed. The One Life pulled me. Took the sacred walk, 100 cycles ago, I did. And now, the Rites I give, to those whose one life is complete.

Fascinating! So, could you tell us more about these rites?

Privilege of mine it is, to oblige. We, who are Prometheans, adhere to the One True Life. This, to many is known. No clones shield us from its dangers. Accident and illness, at any moment can take us.

And yet, in such moments, our faith is tested. Tempting it is, to try and revive those we have lost. To comfort ourselves, with the aid of some vat-grown flesh puppet. Of course, wouldn’t work, to clone the dead, who did not consent when alive. But… it has been tried. Grief tests all.

And so the soul trap, what you call ‘Amygchip’, must be destroyed. Only then will thoughts of unholy return be banished entirely. In our sacred site, Plant P-15, we conduct such a ceremony. Known it is as ‘the rites’.

Wow, that’s er… quite something. Personally, I’m pretty glad my Amygchip is doing its job, syncing me to backup Rick, just in case, you know? But each to their own! So, to finish, congrats on the 100 cycle milestone, Sister Nyx. Any wishes for the next 100 cycles?

My hope is simple. I wish that all humanity will know again the One Life, as once our ancestors lived. For all that we cherish; love, kindness, beauty… cannot be, without also our frailty.

Nice words, thanks again Sister Nyx. Lots to think about for our listeners there, I’m sure. And now, to conclude, we round up a few other tidbits of sect news. 

Conversions on the up

According to independent observers of Promethean matters, the last cycle saw a sharp rise in conversions to the sect from citizens in L 726-8 system. As a result, Pilgrimages to Daedalus are at an all-time high.

Some say the controversial use – or should that be, abuse? – of clone-tech on the Spirit of Tianjin is to blame. Whatever the cause, one thing is certain. More people than ever before now follow the so-called ‘one true path’.

Sponsored message of the day

Who would enjoy the stars if there were no darkness behind? Who can recognize pleasure that has never known pain? Give not half your humanity to the Anima Foundation! 

(Promethean Sermon)

And with that final thought, we’ll wrap it up for today. This is Rick Santoro signing off folks!