Tau Station – Your Adventure Begins!

Tau Station player's perspective - accessible space game interface shown on laptop screen

Every space adventure starts somewhere. Your first steps into the stars will take place on Tau Station.

The game’s starting location and namesake, Tau Station, is the capital of the Consortium and one of the safest places in the galaxy. The Catastrophe destroyed many of humanity’s space stations and left the rest in various states of collapse. Tau was one of the rare exceptions, surviving with most of its critical systems intact despite the extensive physical damage that left much of the station in ruins. While many of their Sol System neighbors would spend years struggling back to stability, survivors on Tau Station climbed out of their pit much faster.

Most residents on Tau enjoy luxuries like reliable electricity and daily meals. They also enjoy top-notch security. The station’s hab zone is protected by a dense network of cameras and security guards who leave no nook or cranny unwatched, and no crime unpunished. Just being in the vicinity of something illegal could earn Tau citizens a night in the brig. Some might find this stifling. For others, memories of the Catastrophe and its vicious aftermath are more than enough incentive to sacrifice a few freedoms for safety and stability.

The station’s tight security makes this the perfect starting place for new players, since it’s the one station where attacking another player is almost guaranteed to land you in the brig for a spell. Violence is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate response from the guards, which gives you the chance to start honing your skills and learning the ropes. Visit the gym and start training your stats. Have a drink at Bar One, but be careful that you don’t have too many and land yourself in a fight. Scavenge in the ruins for some gear or items to sell at the market. Stop by the cloning center and see if Tamhas has a mission for you. Visit the employment center to find a temp job or even begin a career to earn some credits. Save up a little and start a university course to learn a skill. Check out the departures board in the port to see what other stations you can visit when you’re ready to go. In short, you can take a little time to get the measure of the experience ahead before you dive into the deep end of the universe.

Don’t worry – there’ll be plenty of chances to get yourself killed on other stations.