Tau Station Sticker Fun

A collection of circular Tau Station stickers on a wood background, with a note that says "EVERYONE NEEDS STICKERS!"

Next month our game designer, Curtis, will be giving a talk about Tau Station at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels. We considered sending him with flyers to hand out but decided that stickers would be a lot more fun. Because who doesn’t love stickers?!

Using some of our favorite images from Tau Station’s background art, our graphic designer Tania put together this collection of stickers to give everyone a glimpse into our universe. Some of these pictures are new and haven’t been shown anywhere before.

Four circular Tau Station stickers featuring art from the game. The first shows the Tau Station logo with an asteroid as a backdrop. The second is a close up of a space ship docked in port. The third shows people in spacesuits walking in the hallway of a station. The fourth is a picture of the ruins in a space station, with partially collapsed buildings.

A collection of four circular stickers featuring art from the game. The first is the Tau Station logo against a background of machinery. The second is a close up of a man wearing high-tech armor and holding a gun. The third is a view of a spaceship in flight, with a planet in the background. The fourth shows an employment center on a space station, with people looking at a bulletin board covered in job postings.


Since FOSDEM is a technical conference we also wanted a special sticker to show how much we love Perl. In keeping Tau Station’s efforts to be scientifically accurate, Curtis mocked one up using an anatomically correct image of a bloody human heart. The creative team was… aghast, to say the least. We hope you like our compromise – it pays homage to our appreciation of science, but still fits within the art style we’ve developed for the game.

A sticker with the Tau Station logo, an cartoon drawing of an anatomically correct heart, and the word Perl. Taken together, indicates "Tau Station Loves Perl."


If you’ll be at the conference be sure to check out Curtis’s talk, and be one of the first to get your hands on a Tau Station sticker!