Tau Station Status Report: September 2017

Goodbye September 2017, and a warm welcome to October! The team is pushing hard towards getting Tau Station into shape for Closed Alpha. There is a lot of excitement that very soon a select group of Sci-Fi fans will have a first look at the game. Did you sign up for the newsletter? With some luck, you could be one of the fans invited to the Closed Alpha. See below what was achieved in September and what will be the next milestones for October.


  • Implemented local shuttle UI
  • Implemented cloning UI
  • Implemented new inventory UI (and promptly broke it)
  • Implemented training injuries for training in high-level areas
  • Implemented shipped item history, so you can see who shipped you what and when

UI and Art

Frontend and Accessibility

  • Interstellar jump gate UI implemented.
  • Tabs converted to accordions for mobile.
  • Security camera enabling/disabling has been made more accessible
  • Inn main UI implemented
  • Clonevat design synced with gameflow, new design started.
  • Implement “social” training UI in inn.
  • Cleaned up templates to have more consistent look and feel.
  • Work started on shipping bay UI (blocked in part due to accessibility
  • Continued to ensure the inventory system is accessible.


  • Don’t allow bank accounts to be transferred to “foreign” space stations.
  • New cloning system started.
  • New combat system designed and work started
  • Combat simulator improved (can now run 22 thousand battles in 15 seconds).
  • Cleaner university/skill tree designed and implementation started
  • The market vendors are now being added and integrated
  • Added ability to purchase VIP status in-game, allowing many benefits
    including faster stat regeneration.
  • Started abuse reporting for the chat system
  • Allow narrative designers to update the area tutorials directly


  • Work progressing on Alpha Centauri missions.
  • Flesh out backstory to Cirque Centauri¬†in Alpha Centauri.
  • Narrative guidebook updated to bring more guidance to narrative team.
  • More mission work for Taungoo station in the Sol system.

Planned for October

  • Fix inventory API broken by ability to equip two weapons
  • Fix the breakage in our preferences system
  • Start work on Government center
  • Start designing the tutorial mission
  • Start work on market UI
  • Start CORETECHS reorganization
  • Continue work on market backend and loot tables
  • Continue university/skill tree rewrite
  • Continue item balancing
  • Finish combat implementation
  • Finish “endless mission” system
  • Finish shipping bay UI
  • Finish the market
  • Finish chat abuse reporting
  • Designs for security, ruins, residential, and CORETECHS navigation.