Tau Station Status Report: November 2017

Status Report November

Another month comes to an end and all teams were able to finish a lot, as you can see in our brand new status report. Many UIs and designs made it to the game. Features like storage per station and Market Vendors have been implemented, a lot of progress was made by the narrative team, new missions were added, and more load testing was performed. Several tasks need be done before Closed Alpha can start, but the outlook for December points out that we’ve been coming closer: Full in-house play-testing is on the list…


  • Many skills gained from university courses now implemented
  • Developed genetic algorithm to auto-adjust combat balancing
  • Government Centers allow VIPs to renew Gaule visas rather than forcing players to travel to stations with Gaule embassies.
  • Government Centers allow players to pick up their daily rations
  • Market vendors have been implemented
  • You can get storage on any station in case you are carrying too much
  • 3D-printed, vat-grown, and premium clones are (mostly) done
  • Mission history pages can show full history of current mission
  • Continuing implementation of “anonymous” missions

UI and Art

  • Reviewing all pages to ensure more consistent look and feel
  • Creating more item images.
  • Defining “default” images to ensure every item has an image
  • Updated some art to add a different “feel” to different areas

Frontend and Accessibility

  • Clone page designs are implemented
  • Security Center page design implemented
  • University UI implemented
  • Vendor UI implemented
  • Ruins UI implemented
  • Government Center UI implemented


  • Loot table (what you can find and where you can find it) implementation has started
  • Gear score (what items are worth) implementation is being finalized
  • Per-station storage lockers implemented
  • Running load tests to find performance bottlenecks
  • Per-station storage system implemented


  • “Side Jobs” fully entered into Mission Builder
  • Most missions have been written and many of them are implemented
  • Narrative team members will create their own “character” blogs
  • All rooms now have minitutorials (collapsible) available

Planned for December 2017

  • Storage tracker
  • Further refinements to “anonymous” missions
  • Full in-house play-testing
  • Finalize cloning behaviors
  • Rebalance item prices
  • Finalize new, multi-round combat system