Tau Station Status Report: June

June has drawn to a close Tau Station has continued to grow and evolve. There is, of course, still much to do, but seeing progress taking shape fuels our passion to soldier on! The new status report shows you how much we achieved the last month.

Each week brings more results, and the Universe of Tau Station is taking shape day after day. It’s a beautiful feeling that we love to share with you!

June Work Updates


  • Implemented additional features for inventory and missions items
  • Working on adding difficulties levels for mission actions
  • Implemented new step outcome in missions
  • Lock systems not available for closed Alpha
  • Implemented a new “ decommissioned “ area on Daedelus
  • Re-factored bribery
  • Implemented cancelling interstellar and shuttle tickets
  • Implemented a new “Residential area”

UI and Art

  • Designed people page
  • Designed Port landing page, Local shuttles, Shipping Bay, Docks, Interstellar shuttles
  • Designed clones VAT
  • Designed sick bay
  • Art for market

Frontend and Accessibility

  • Style guide work
  • Tab structure
  • Implemented Brig
  • Implemented Forum
  • More on the inventory UI
  • Implemented Chat UI


  • Implemented Inventory JSON
  • Implemented API call for drop items
  • Data migration improvement
  • More work on alpha infrastructure testing
  • Chat servers on load balancers
  • Setting up Protractor and Protractor testing
  • Improved add user
  • More economic exchanges


  • 3 more missions written,
  • 3 more in progress in the mission builder,
  • 3 pitches approved
  • Daedelus station and room descriptions were done and entered.

Planned for July

  • Implement Sick bay and Clone VAT UI
  • Finish inventory work
  • Keep improving mission builder
  • Finish implementing port functionalities
  • Game balancing
  • Art for navigation
  • UI design for Inn, hotel room and bar
  • 6 mores missions to be entered in the mission builder
  • Station description and areas for Kobenhavn, Nouveau Limoges will be entered
  • 6 more pitches