Tau Station Status Report: July

July was a month filled with it a lot of progress.

The Tau Station teams are happy and working well together, taking us closer one day at a time closer to the Alpha that we so want to offer you. A few more months of work done at this pace, and we will be able to welcome our first players.

Yes, Alpha is getting closer every day, and we are exited to announce when it will happen very soon. Stay tuned and register for our newsletter for a  chance to be one of the first explorers on Tau Station.

July Work Updates


  • Mission actions have an improved stat cost/difficulty setting
  • Failing a mission can have more consequences than stat loss
  • Failing a step in a mission not longer involves automatically failing a mission
  • In mission combat has been implemented
  • Combat improvement
  • Implemented bribing guards, beating up inmates, and the ability to call a lawyer
  • Implemented send items to other people or oneself, in the same station or other station
  • Implemented cancel sending items
  • Implemented ability to rent a room for different time periods
  • Implemented shuttle launch times
  • Implemented shipping prices
  • Implemented risk of injury when training
  • First iteration of new type of side jobs

UI and Art

  • Designed university
  • Designed bar, lounge, and hotel room
  • Designed cloning pages

Frontend and Accessibility

  • Implemented port landing page, working on the interstellar page
  • Implemented sick bay
  • Implemented forums
  • Implemented cameras
  • First implementation of the inventory has been merged


  • Implemented API call for repair items
  • More work on Alpha infrastructure testing
  • Create chat channels
  • More work on economic exchanges
  • Implement payment system
  • Improve templates
  • Work on mission validator
  • Added image relationship
  • Data migrations
  • Security update and improvement
  • Some Ansible optimizations
  • Implemented exception handling


  • 4 missions are currently ready to be reviewed
  • 3 further missions in progress (mission builder)
  • 3 pitches approved

We are happy to welcome…

  • Virgil joined the development team
  • A new colleague reinforces the narrative team
  • Manni is our new Community Developer

Planned for August

  • Implement port and inn
  • Finish inventory work
  • Keep improving mission builder
  • Finish Game balancing
  • Art/UI designs for Inn, Hotel Room and Bar
  • 4 stations descriptions
  • 12 missions written and implemented into Tau Station