Tau Station Status Report: December 2017

This status report for December concludes the thrilling year of 2017. For our team, it felt like light speed, and together with you, we will welcome the new year, 2018, in a very special way: the day we all have been waiting for! On January 2nd, 2018, the first spaceship will lift off to Tau Station. In a few days, 100 passengers will fasten their seat belts for the Closed Alpha Test. Read on to see what we achieved in December and get your last chance to be on board as well…


  • New combat system merged (different combat ranges, different weapon types)
  • Combat belt (extra items to use in combat) implemented
  • Many university courses now implemented
  • “Discreet” missions working
  • Loot tables for all stations finally added
  • Hundreds of weapons and armor updated

UI & Art

  • Many default item images provided
  • Residences, lounge, and government center art provided
  • Online store styles, VIP packs, and bonds shown
  • Working on in-game corporate logos, but they won’t be implemented for the launch

Frontend & Accessibility

  • Building tests for inventory AJAX system
  • Implementing combat front-end to new combat system
  • Working on the clone design
  • Shipping bay implemented


  • Combat system switch to economic exchanges
  • Preparing full alpha infrastructure
  • Login server completed
  • Improved mission system history


  • Final alpha missions going in
  • Starting review from Tau Station, København, and other “early” stations
  • Sol Jump Gate missions in place
  • Working on “epic” final missions for the Yards of Gadani station in Alpha Centauri
  • Preparing materials for pre-Alpha testing starting in January

We are happy to welcome…

  • Annabelle joined some time ago and even if we are late, she needs to be mentioned, because she is covering a lot of administrative tasks!
  • Marvin is doing an internship and we are happy he joined our journey right on time, because a major task of his will be supporting the Community.

Planned for January 2018

  • Our Closed Alpha launch! We expect much of January to be spent responding to player bug reports and feature requests. It’s going to be an exciting time!