Tau Station Status Report: August

Summer performed a miracle for the team. After some well-earned holidays, everyone is back full of motivation and even more dedicated to our Universe.

Tau Station feels stronger and more vibrant by the day.

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August Work Updates


  • Started working on equipping / unequipping more than one item slot
  • Implemented Inn areas
  • Implemented Training injuries
  • Implemented Training intelligence
  • Implemented ability to increase the amount of time you rent a hotel room for
  • Implemented different types of clones
  • Second iteration of new type of side jobs
  • Implemented mission builder changes
  • Implemented visa expiration

UI and Art

  • Designed Universities
  • Improved Local and interstellar page
  • Designed hotel room and intelligence training
  • Designed Market vendor list
  • Designed player ID CARDs
  • Designed weapons
  • Designed Government Centers

Frontend and Accessibility

  • Implemented Cloning Center structure and containers
  • Implemented Interstellar Shuttles
  • Implemented Port landing page
  • More work on the inventory
  • A11y Testing for sickbay and brig
  • A11y support for social media and blog

Backend and DevOps

  • Implemented API call for mass and encumbrance
  • Implemented API call for send action
  • More work on alpha infrastructure testing
  • More work on economic exchanges
  • Implemented payment system
  • Improved templates
  • Work on mission validator
  • Data migrations
  • Security update and improvement
  • Some Ansible optimisation
  • Implemented centralized account management
  • Implemented LDAP configuration
  • Refactor templates


  • 3 missions are currently ready to be reviewed
  • 5 more in progress in the mission builder
  • Started item descriptions
  • Developed the CORTECHS concept and created the company at the origin of this technology.

Planned for September

  • Implement cloning UI.
  • Implement Local shuttle and shipping bay
  • Finish inventory work
  • Keep improving mission builder
  • Improve combat
  • Implement cloning functionalities
  • Items balancing
  • Skill tree
  • Art
  • UI design for Inn, hotel room and bar
  • 4 station descriptions
  • 10 missions written and entered into Tau Station