Tau Station Status Report: April

April draws to a close and heralds in the vibrant sights and sounds of springtime. In a similar way, Tau Station has taken a cue from the new season and has continued to grow with a flurry of vitality and activity. It’s been a busy month, one that brings us closer to closed Alpha. We’ve made advancements in interstellar travel, inventory, and even the universe itself among many others. Read on below the status report for a glimpse into the developments of this past month.

April Work Updates


  • Implemented shuttle tickets for local and interstellar travel
  • Implemented sending items to others
  • Finished implementing repair items
  • Worked on displaying activity and confinement timers
  • Fixed bugs with mission builder and on the NPC editor
  • Implemented “Friend and Foes” functionalities
  • Leaderboards
  • Implemented ability to enable or disable security cameras in station areas
  • Started work on Shuttle schedule

UI and Art

  • Inventory
  • Bar
  • Market
  • Cloning VAT

Frontend and Accessibility

  • Designed accessible confirmation dialogues
  • Worked on Inventory implementation
  • Selenium implementation and documentation
  • Chat
  • Worked on Tau Station navigation (mobiles, tablets, desktops)


  • Worked on Test suite
  • Jenkins optimization
  • Improved data migration process
  • Automation for Redis Sentinel
  • Logging events
  • Implemented SQL debugging
  • Worked on infrastructure for Alpha
  • API improvements
  • Reduced SQL call
  • CLI work
  • Ajax call


  • More work on world building or rather, “Universe” building
    • Consortium and Gaule Treaty
    • Affiliations and Corporations
    • Government center descriptions
  • 3 new missions
  • Career blurb
  • Career tasks