Tau Station on Kickstarter!

An explorer standing in front of a gate ready to embark with us on our kickstarter video games project.

Coolant vapors swirl in mad eddies around running boots along every corridor. Klaxons blare out in a marriage of cacophony with the background sounds of immense engines coming to life. The excitement, the anticipation are palpable, they permeate every molecule, charging the air with electricity! We are ready…it is happening.

Tau Station is going into Orbit!

Today we launch our Kickstarter campaign and invite the world to experience Tau Station. The launch of our Kickstarter video games project marks a very important phase in the development of the game. Momentum is gathering as we continue on our journey to launch. With Kickstarter, we very much hope to garner both attention and some extra revenue with which to help increase our velocity and add some valuable talent to the crew!

We have a few weeks to generate as much awareness and curiosity for the wonderful sci-fi indie game both you and we love so much. We’re very confident those who discover Tau Station through Kickstarter will love it as well!

Much of our love for Tau Station is aimed at you, our amazing community. You are with us on this journey and we hope to celebrate it together when we reach our final destination in the stars!

Please feel free to share our campaign on your social media channels and help support us in creating some very valuable engagement for Tau Station over the coming weeks.

Thank you so much! We are not many, we are one!


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