Tau Station: It’s More Than a Game, It’s a Universe

Tau Station logo The Universe

A part of me believes that if Tau Station is one day described as a “good game” we will have failed.

We will have failed the vision; we will have failed the dream.

That’s a strong statement, isn’t it? A touch crazy for sure, but why not?

If we are really honest, from the beginning Tau Station has been about more than playing. It has been about creating a place you can escape to. A place where differences do not matter.

A place where you feel you can belong and where, through exploration, you can experience the sheer joy of discovering new worlds. A place where you can learn things and grow as a person.

A place where, for a few minutes or a few hours, you can go and discover other space stations, planets, and stars. Discover their past, their present, and build their future. A future that also becomes yours.

We want people to see themselves in Tau Station, and every time we write a station description we smile at the idea that someone is going to get the reference. And that subtle reference will make them smile too.

You know, just this little glimmer in the eyes.

We want a place where we can explore other futures, other possibilities.

It’s ambitious. Probably a touch crazy, but that’s the beauty of it. Our blog posts over the next month will show you how we’re working hard to make this ambitious, crazy, beautiful vision happen.

We’ll show you how we are building a universe with words. We’ll show you the technical complexity of the code beneath the hood. We’ll show you what being inclusive means, and what we’re doing to make it happen. We’ll show you the art and the design that keeps this universe together.

And for today, I am simply going to embrace the fact that Tau Station is not a text-based game, it’s not a MMORPG. Tau Station just does not fit any label because, like me, like the team working hard on the game, like you, Tau Station is not just one thing.

It’s the sum of the different concepts, the art, the writing, and the technical knowledge, brought together to create something more than the sum of its parts: a universe to escape into when the need is there.

Tau Station is simply a universe to explore and discover.

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