Update Changelog 2022-May-11

This week’s update adds the brand new mission “The Heat Is On” on Sirius Jump Gate (sorry for the music in your head). New Citizens will start their adventure in Tau Station with our new Tutorial. Furthermore, the Bar has been reworked, coming with a new layout and new functionalities – another step into the direction of making the game a one-page application. Please read on for all details.

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Update Changelog 2022-04-26

Today’s update adds a brand new Chronicle to Heinlein Stronghold and helpful career information to your character page. The messaging in the Sick Bay has been improved and the course list in the University shows you where to find courses if they’re not available in the station you’re at. Please read on to see all details.

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Update Changelog 2022-Mar-15

As promised with the major overhaul update last week, Tau Station will get frequent updates again. The team continued to update the designs of further station areas, added improvements and applied some fixes. Among other things, you can scroll the team and opponent list in Syndicate campaigns again. Thanks for your reports, please keep it up!

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